AI for Unconscious(self):

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

By writing this I would like to reach out to experts & pioneers in the field of AI and Machine Learning. At the end of my promotional self, I hope to get clarity on my questions and get a better understanding on the subject. I also hope to spur more questions; answers to which are unknown.

We all know that human brain consist of conscious and unconscious parts or white and grey matter. The complete structure of the mind is described here. If it funny, strange and yet encouraging how little we know about our unconscious self; perhaps because it is “not conscious”! Scientists have found and claimed that knowing or listening to your inner self or the unconscious is healthy for mental state of human beings. Restriction of Consciousness is one of the ways to do that.

Today, we know that AI systems have challenged and surpassed the human brain in some of the conscious activities like playing Go, Chess etc. AI systems have learned how to drive a car without interference from us; humans. There are many such significant achievements because of which we have started to trust and sometimes not trust these systems.

Assuming that AI tools are made to work with the humans and not instead of humans, my questions to you experts are what will happen to AI algorithms for the unconscious part of the brain? Are we attempting to create such algorithms? Can AI even compete with human unconsciousness? What are we doing to teach these systems about human intuition and feelings? How is AI going to connect with us and to our bygone past (older than AI’s age) in evolutionary scale? Unlike consciousness, unconsciousness is personal and unique to an individual (like one’s genetic code), Is AI only for conscious reasoning & use cases? Who else is asking these questions?

When humans sleep, their unconscious brain activates giving conscious brain some rest. Dreams are formed and observed in this period. Dreams are weird and symbolic. Can AI emulate our dreams? Can we ever make an AI algorithm or system to replicate, replace or even for a very small percentage imitate human unconscious self?


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