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Source: Deep Learning on Medium

When I became acquainted with a variety of machine learning algorithms, I had a special feeling. I never realized that some mathematical concepts, such as the partial derivative of the function could be so useful and fruitful in everyday life. Of course, this excitement and interest soared after studying Deep Learning. The possibility of eliminating feature engineering in the Deep Learning algorithm raised my heartbeats. Now, even artificial intelligence engineers do neither be kept waiting for or need for feature engineering. They’re simply able to train computers by utilizing Deep Learning algorithms.

An English-speaker programmer can set up a very good translator which translates Korean into Chinese, even if he or she has limited knowledge of either language. Meanwhile, I surprised when I learned about the new subject on translation ground which based on the use of the characters of a language rather than the vocabulary. In other words, an artificial intelligence expert today does not need to go into the finer details of science or subtle nuances of language but he provides a platform for the computers to train themselves the most accurate and specialized topics.

As someone always interested in mathematics, when I accidentally heard a speech by Professor Arthur T. Benjamin at Ted last year and matched the topic of the lecture with my little knowledge in the Machine Learning, I felt that I need to change my views on the ground of probabilities and statistic, and as Dr. Benjamin said, today, probabilities and statistic are at the top of the mathematics pyramid. I need to enhance my knowledge more and more in all areas of statistics and probabilities, especially those used directly in Machine Learning algorithms.

Meanwhile, I am a fan of Professor Harari’s writings. He is the author of books; Sapiens and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. In his lectures and books, he gave a great warning to 21st-century societies and people. He believes that uselessness poses a serious threat to many societies and individuals. Harari also views the most important challenge of this century as artificial intelligence abuses and disorders. He considers the importance of this challenge even more significant than nuclear war and environmental challenges. Mr. Harari’s reasons are compelling to me as well, which is why I want to make myself stronger and try to be a passenger on board of moving train of AI and data science, and I don’t just want to watch this train from afar.