AI News Weekly – Issue #154: The man who’s given machines the gift of imagination – Mar 26th 2020

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The man who’s given machines the gift of imagination

By pitting neural networks against one another, Ian Goodfellow has created a powerful AI tool. Now he, and the rest of us, must face the consequences.


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In The News

20 Ideas For 2020 | Idea #5 — Playing Games

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Go champion, Lee Se-Dol, is retiring from professional play citing AI as a foe too great to ever be defeated. Interestingly enough, Lee is the only human to have beaten Google’s AI-driven, AlphaGo in competitive tournament play… Read more on

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The End of Starsky Robotics

There aren’t many startups that can survive 10 years without shipping, which means that almost no current autonomous team will ever ship AI decision makers if this is the case.


Responsible AI in times of pandemic

To start, I would like to stress that AI can indeed contribute to understand the current situation and therefore the responsible thing for AI researchers and professionals to do at this moment is to put our expertise to use for the analysis and understanding of the spread of the coronavirus, the…

Towards an Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

A Tremendous Opportunity for Sustainable Development The transformations arising from the technological revolution, and in particular from developments in AI, are relevant to every aspect of the mandate of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Plastic Touch

Are we able to forgive machines that make medical mistakes?
There is absolutely no question that you can, for specific decisions, build specific systems that might be able to find the right information, and suggest appropriate steps.

Axon Announces New SVP of Artificial Intelligence

Former Amazon Science and Engineering Leader Was Founding Member of Amazon Go Team and Led Computer Vision Systems for In-Store Sensors Axon, the global leader in connected public safety technologies, announced the addition of Yasser Ibrahim as Axon’s SVP of Artificial Intelligence (AI), effective…

Applied use cases

US Department of Energy to invest $40m in AI and machine learning research

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has decided to provide funds up to $40 million over a three-year period for new research in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to address the challenges associated with issues related to data production and management at DOE scientific user…

The Artificial Intelligence Industry and Global Challenges

From China’s point of view, artificial intelligence is an important tool for strong foreign policy, military dominance, economic success and for controlling one’s own population.

The Prayer

Diemut Strebe, author of concept and final design The production is a collaboration with Regina Barzilay, Tianxiao Shen, Enrico Santus, all MIT CSAIL, Amazon Polly, Bill and Will Sturgeon, Elchanan Mossel, MIT, Stefan Strauss, Chris Fitch, Brian Kane, Keith Welsh, Webster University, Matthew…


How wearable robots are helping people with paralysis walk again

Increasing usage approvals for exoskeletons in the medical industry have encouraged companies to invest more toward research and development.
ReWalk Wearable robots are helping people with paralysis walk again.

The Cobot Experience: AJung Moon & Resolving Human-Cobot Resource Conflicts

Leading roboethicist and human-robot interaction expert AJung Moon talks industrial robot ethics, human-cobot resource conflicts and bringing cobot technology to workers.

Supporting Innovation and Commercialization of Robotics Technologies

Read more Read more Silicon Valley Robotics is the largest cluster of robotics and AI technology innovation and investment in the world.


Neuroevolution of Self-Interpretable Agents

We argue that self-attention has similar properties as indirect encoding, in the sense that large implicit weight matrices are generated from a small number of key-query parameters, thus enabling our agent to solve challenging vision based tasks with at least 1000x fewer parameters than existing…

A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies

Instead of selecting a rule that is based on the survival of the fittest ants, what if you take an alternative approach where you take the sum of all fitness values of the entire ant population, and optimize for this sum instead to maximize the well-being of the entire ant population over successive…

Generating music in the waveform domain

Note that I will only be covering music generation in this post, but Jordi and Jongpil are working on blog posts about their respective parts.

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