AI News Weekly – Issue #169: China and AI: What the World Can Learn and What It Should Be Wary of – Jul 9th 2020

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China and AI: What the World Can Learn and What It Should Be Wary of

China announced in 2017 its ambition to become the world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030. While the US still leads in absolute terms, China appears to be making more rapid progress than either the US or the EU, and central and local government spending on AI in China is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars.


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In The News

Is AI Ready to Help Diagnose COVID-19?

For years, many artificial intelligence enthusiasts and researchers have promised that machine learning will change modern medicine.

Beyond the AI hype cycle: Trust and the future of AI

That is why rigorous data stewardship practices by AI developers and vendors are critical for building effective AI models as well as creating customer acceptance, satisfaction, and retention.
This data is derived from personal user interactions, such as conversations between consumers and call…

Kai-Fu Lee Gives AI a B-Minus Grade in the Covid-19 Fight

In countries where there are strong protections, such as HIPAA, even with anonymized data, it may be hard to aggregate the data for training AI.
This change of habit, of being willing to have meetings and make decisions, and helping to change the work process into a digitized process, this…


Defund Facial Recognition

As each story has emerged of a Black life violently ended by law enforcement, white nationalists, or other forms of interpersonal violence, a multiracial movement for Black lives, led by Black activists, has kept pace.
Amazon and Microsoft followed with their own announcements that they would not…

IBM, Notre Dame Launch Lab to Focus on Tech Ethics

The University of Notre Dame and International Business Machines Corp. this week launched an applied ethics lab to research and promote the ethical application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

How AI can empower communities and strengthen democracy

Racial bias detection for police officers Taking advantage of NLP’s ability to process data at scale, Stanford University researchers examined recordings of conversations between police officers and people stopped for traffic violations.
Algorithmic bias and housing In Los Angeles County,…

Applied use cases

Machine learning helps grow artificial organs

Unlike humans, the algorithm achieves this without the need to modify cells, making the method suitable for growing retinal tissue for developing cell replacement therapies to treat blindness and conducting research into new drugs.
The researchers proposed that the best retinal tissues — those most…

Can a pandemic drone help stop the spread of COVID-19?

Draganfly’s Australian partners had previously developed a suite of artificial intelligence tools, called the Vital Intelligence Project, to measure health indicators.

Training GANs – From Theory to Practice

But we could still let the discriminator run a convergent algorithm (such as gradient ascent) until it reaches a first-order stationary point, allowing it to compute an approximation for the global max function.


Key new features include enhanced support for PyTorch and Keras, new sparsity libraries and enhanced convolutions support, the introduction of Streaming Memory – a significant optimisation to our Exchange Memory – and improved tools with v2 of PopVision™ Graph Analyser.


6 River Systems Helps Fulfillment Operations Scale With Chuck Mobile Robots

Organization: 6 River Systems Inc. Country: United States State: MA Website: Year Founded: 2015 Number of Employees: 140 Innovation Class: Business & Management Innovation Innovation Subclass: Leadership In quick succession, 6 River Systems has rapidly added customers and partners,…

Super-Cleaning Robots May Be the Future of Worker and Consumer Protection

Key Insights: The CSAIL robot uses UV-C light, typically used to disinfect hospitals.
The technology is being developed for all spaces, from shopping to dining and home.

Harvard’s transforming robotic fabric could lead to therapeutic wearables

Robotic fabrics or textiles are far from new, but they’re usually attached to bulky external machines that can modulate air pressure inside them to make them move or change their shape.


AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies

Anyscale Software Development Helps software developers make machine-learning apps.
Dataiku Software Development Develops tools for enterprises to build AI apps.

What can I do here? A Theory of Affordances in Reinforcement Learning

A Theory of Affordances in Reinforcement Learning Left action Right action True Gaussian ModelFor Left action Agent position Estimated Gaussian Model for Left action Estimated Gaussian Model for Right action Fx +Fx Fx +Fx (a) In-distribution Fx = 0.2, Baseline Model Fx +Fx Fx +Fx (b)…

google-research / torchsde

PyTorch Implementation of Differentiable SDE Solvers This codebase provides stochastic differential equation (SDE) solvers with GPU support and efficient sensitivity analysis.
They can be imported as follows: from torchsde import sdeint, sdeint_adjoint Integrating SDEs SDEs are defined with two…

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