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Does AI and ML matter

Yes AI and ML matter. AI is Artificial Intelligence and ML is Machine Learning. ML is a part of AI and AI holds the power of changing the phase of the earth, it can be in many ways that really we will known in the near future. But does these things really need your attention now, NO it is a big no because now the environment is really changing a lot that we humans can’t even survive? We really need to look into this matter. Parallelly we should also focus on things like AI. I don’t mean that AI is dangerous to mankind, it can be dangerous but not will be. Anything which is in a controlled does not really harm us. Things like AI should only be done for some specific purpose. Mankind has the ability to create an Artificial being that can live with us. But the question is will it live with us or it will destroy us.

Artificial Intelligence

There are several things that we need to take care of. Mankind has already destroyed the earth, AI may be a threat or a solution.

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