AI’s no longer going down, AI is sinking

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AI’s no longer going down, AI is sinking

One variety that may additionally be past many people’s expectations is that the range of new AI organizations is nevertheless exploding from 2018 to 2019. According to Qichacha, the wide variety of new AI organizations extra than doubled to 18,768 in 2018 in contrast to 2017, and there are 31,932 in 2019, up 70.1% from 2018; in the first 1/2 of this year, the range of new AI corporations surpassed 56,000, which is 177.5% of closing year’s total. It appears to run counter to the recession and downward style in the industry.

Behind this, AI is certainly now not “going down”, however “sinking” — sinking into all walks of life, and turning into section of the typical productivity.

Why is the quantity of AI groups nevertheless developing rapidly? It is due to the fact a massive wide variety of AI agencies these days are no longer absolutely sought after by using investors. They are the businesses that are the usage of AI technological know-how in a range of industries, who might also now not have the core technological know-how and focal point on making services and commerce.

It skill that in some ways, the bar for AI technological know-how is already being reduced and the science base has been constructed up to a sure point. In addition to the outbreak of the variety of companies, the sinking of AI is additionally manifested in the application.

In current years, AI has penetrated into each and every component of society, and has even come to be the new increase engine of nearby industries.

The enterprise is adjusting to put together for its long-term growth. Nowadays, AI is no longer an unbiased entrepreneurial fad; many organizations no longer flaunt themselves as “AI companies”, however as a substitute emphasize their capability to land in industries and scenarios, and the remaining price they carry to customers.

In this context, this year’s WAIC looks different and timely. What’s exceptional is that the epidemic has but to dissipate, and it was once a special convention trip to talk about AI in a virtualized, cloud-based way. And the convention targeted extra on how AI can be built-in with a number sectors and industries, and on adjustments on the demand side, such as chip innovation, 5G, health, industry, education.