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AI Artists Directory

Artist and scientist teaching machines art since 2011 with generative Art and Artificial Intelligence. His exhibitions at the Grand Palais and at the Salon d’Automne in 2018 preceded the AI ART buzz and followed with a mix between Algorithmic, Interactive, olfactory and AI Art.

Twitter: @alagraphy
Instagram: @alagraphie

Art+AI Expertise

Artist (painter, photographer and film director with several art and film awards ) and scientist (PhD in complex systems, Data Scientist and expert in artificial intelligence with a Postdoc at Pierre Marie Curie).

Work with AI

My first AI ART series were using a mix between GANs and other algorithms to generate people of all origins, ages and genders to represent humanity in huge mosaics that were printed and exhibited in several venues. The GANs were trained on portraits of my humanitarian project, 1001 faces.

Recent Major Exhibitions:

  • 59 Rivoli — 11- MAR 20
  • Grand Palais — 12–17 FEB 20
  • olo — AI + ART — Spaces — 16–30 NOV 19
  • Brain- Gulbenkian 15 MAR — 10 JUN 19
  • Grand Palais — 12–17 FEB 2019
  • Salon d’Automne 24–28 OCT 18 (Digital Art AWARD)
  • Grand Palais — 13–18 FEB 18


AI could be a great tool to help us artists and others transcend and reinvent ourselves but like all trendy technologies and buzz words it can be subject of viral misinformation. In my TEDx talks I discuss this very topic and how to use AI to get us closer to each other.