Algolit Collective

Original article was published by Beth Jochim on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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Algolit is a Brussels workgroup around i-literature, free code and texts, initiated by Constant in 2012. The group meets regularly following the principles of the Oulipo-meetings: they share work and thoughts and create together.


Art+AI Expertise

During the monthly meetings of Algolit, we study manuals and experiment with machine learning tools for text processing. We create ‘algoliterary’ works. The main goal is to explore the viewpoint of the algorithmic storyteller.

Work with AI

Data Workers was an exhibition created by Algolit at the Mundaneum in Mons in Spring 2019. It showed algoliterary works, stories told from an ‘algorithmic storyteller point of view’. The work of these machinic entities is usually hidden behind interfaces and patents. In this exhibition, algorithmic storytellers left their invisible underworld to become interlocutors. Each section represented a stage in the design process of a machine learning model: there were the Writers, the Cleaners, the Informants, the Readers, the Learners and the Oracles.


AIs impact our daily lives, but are either hard to grasp and imagine or removed from the imagination altogether. It is important to connect stories about algorithms in mainstream media to the storytelling that is found in manuals and papers. Art can play an essential role here.