Alterra Answer Bot for Slack: access your company’s knowledge just by asking the bot

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Boost your team productivity by connecting employees with the company’s knowledge right inside your Slack workspace

Today we are launching Alterra Answer Bot for Slack, a new Slack App that connects employees with the company’s knowledge in an intuitive, conversational way.

With this new bot, you will be able to access your corporate knowledge base or wiki without leaving Slack. You can just ask Alterra Answer Bot a question, in plain English, as if you are asking a teammate.

Get fast answers to your work questions

Previously, when you had a question, you had to search for information in siloed corporate knowledge bases or wikis. When you couldn’t find the answer yourself, you had to ask teammates for help. It resulted in minutes, or even hours, of valuable time wasted, lost focus, and ultimately decreased productivity.

Now with the new bot, you can save your team from wasting valuable time searching and asking around. Unlike people who are often too busy, Alterra Answer Bot is always available and instantly answers team members’ questions using data that already exists in the company’s knowledge base.

The bot instantly answers common questions 24/7

Ask the Slack bot in your own words

People may ask the same questions in many different ways. For example, questions such as “what is the wi-fi password?”, “I want to connect to wi-fi”, and “how do I connect to the internet?” all express the same user intent.

What sets Alterra apart is its unparalleled ability to understand natural language. The bot is smart enough to match similar questions to one intent, so when you build your Slack bot, you don’t have to define all possible variations of every question.

Alterra’s AI matches similar questions to the same intent

The bot finds answers according to meaning rather than keywords, so you waste no time figuring out the right wording for a successful search. You can ask questions in your own words. It just works.

With up to 90% precision, Alterra Answer Bot is the most accurate answer bot on the market.

The technology behind this is our proprietary Deep Learning-based NLP Engine, with word and phrase embeddings, language models, intent classifiers, and knowledge base search powered by artificial neural networks.

Expand your knowledge base from Slack

You can also use Alterra Answer Bot to expand your knowledge base right from Slack. The bot allows you to convert select Slack messages to new FAQ articles. This way, you can teach your Slack bot to answer new questions on the fly. The more information you put into it, the smarter it gets, and the more value it brings to your team.

Any time you share a new answer in Slack, hover over the message and click the ••• icon, then choose Save answer.

In addition, Alterra Answer Bot helps you to find gaps in your knowledge base. It has built-in analytics that shows what questions people ask, and how often.

Reduce repetitive questions — become more productive

These days people struggle with too many messages, too many emails, and too many meetings. With the new Slack bot we want to help Slack teams to minimize the number of workplace distractions by automating answers to repetitive questions.

Specifically, it comes in handy for employees in HR, and IT departments who invest a lot of time in creating employee guides but still receive many repetitive questions from people inside their organizations.

You can ask the bot to answer repetitive questions whenever they arise in public channels.

Any time you receive a question you’ve already answered before, hover over the question and click the ••• icon, then choose Ask Alterra Answer Bot

Build intelligent bots without coding

We have developed a business-friendly platform, which makes building intelligent bots easy and intuitive even for non-technical people. Now anyone who ever wanted to have a personal assistant who could deal with those repetitive questions, can build his/her own answer bot in hours, without coding.

You can create an answer bot by simply linking your knowledge documents like wikis, employee handbooks, how-to guides, or FAQs to Alterra. The answer bot learns from these documents and delivers the right information in Slack whenever asked.

Bridge the gap between your team and corporate knowledge bases

If you want to see Alterra Answer Bot in action, check it out here and ask it questions about our company and products.

You can try it out for free. Sign up today to find out how it can facilitate access to your company’s knowledge and boost the productivity of your team.

Want more info?

Contact us at or request a demo here. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you set up Alterra Answer Bot for your business.

Slack integration is an important step towards our bigger goal of creating virtual AI assistants that will connect people with the knowledge they need in an intuitive conversational way.

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