Amazon Echo Auto :: Your budget-friendly ticket to a wholesome hands-free experience

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Amazon Echo Auto :: Your budget-friendly ticket to a wholesome hands-free experience

Amazon has launched it’s newest invention to facilitate car owners with a splendid Alexa experience at a cheaper rate. Amazon Echo Auto aids users to avail all the hands-free Alexa services at a cost that’s next to nothing. No matter how worn out your car might be, you can still revamp it by installing this device and treat yourself to a seamless driving experience, thanks to Alexa, who will now handle all of your essential tasks.

Launched in the US in 2018, Amazon has begun selling it in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We’ve created a full-fledged report on its features, design, and functions. If you’re losing your mind trying to solve the dilemma, whether you should give it a shot or not, here’s all that you need to know.

What is Amazon Echo Auto?

Amazon Echo Auto is a smart invention of technology that equips your car with hands-free technology. For those whose cars did not come inbuilt with smart voice services, they can avail their ticket to a luxurious automatic experience under $50.

Amazon rolled out its latest device, Amazon Echo Auto, to help anybody and everybody a part of Alexa’s extended family, without spending a fortune into buying a brand new car altogether. You can now place calls, play your road trip playlist, drop a message to your mom, and so forth, all with the help of voice.

Amazon Echo Auto- Design and Features

● It has two buttons on top, one for action and one for mute.

● It has an LED panel on its edge, which has the same indicatory hues as Amazon Echo. Blue when it’s listening, orange when you are setting it up and red when it’s muted.

● It has eight-minute holes pierced in two lines, four on either side of the button. They are microphones to detect speech even in environments crammed with distortion. (With cars honking in traffic and millions of people talking in and around you, it’s pretty much a given.)

● On the left side is the speaker, that will speak out commands to guide you through the setup.

● It comes with a micro USB cable.

Steps to get started with Amazon Echo Auto:

  1. Turn the key in your car and set the stereo to ‘Bluetooth
  2. Turn on Bluetooth in your handset
  3. Tap on the Alexa app
  4. Click on Devices, and then click the ‘+’ sign. You’ll find it enclosed in a circle.
  5. Tap on ‘Add Device’ then click on ‘Amazon Echo’ and finally on ‘Amazon Echo Auto’.
  6. Follow the instructions popping up on your screen to set up your device.

What can an Amazon Echo Auto do?

It’s loaded with Alexa skills, like any other Amazon device. It can play your favorite music from the playlist of your choice or the radio, place calls, inform you about the traffic and weather, and so forth! For fifty dollars, you get to bridge the features gap between yours and the current latest car in the market. One drawback, however, is the navigation glitch. Amazon Echo Auto can navigate you to your destination, but it does so by sending a push notification to your navigation app on your connected handset, which would require you to stay on your screen. A few other reports claimed that upon asking Alexa about the nearest store, she navigated the user to the nearest store known to her, and not the actual closest one. Even though it misses out a bit on the accuracy, it’s still a ‘steal the deal’ offer for just $50.

Is it worth buying?

Although Amazon Echo Auto is missing out on some of the features, such as reading your incoming texts and propagates a glitchy navigation system, it’s still a safe bet for its low price. It has a wide array of microphones to detect speech even in the noisiest of environments- so when you have your kids yelling at the backseat or your friends hooting with millions of other cars honking and indistinct chattering, Alexa can still hear you above it all.

It has excellent speech recognition power, and can still place calls, tell you the weather, inform you of the traffic and play your favorite songs without moving your hands. If you’re not willing to lose money hand over fist on a brand new automobile with the latest voice-technology features, you can always opt for this. The standard solution at a substandard price, it’s simply hard to say no.