An inspiring way of reading research papers

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An inspiring way of reading research papers

Before, digging into detail about the exciting method, let us understand the need and importance of research papers.

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Importance of research papers

Research papers are considered as the backbone in all domains. Research papers are always useful in every stage, in the life of a researcher. No matter whether you are an industry person, or a researcher, or a student, research papers always guide to understand the subject in-depth and state-of-the-art. Reading of research papers even helps you to format your ideas and design and take further in the research process. Referring to research papers also enlist the techniques, methods applied with its observations and conclusion. Yeah, we all know the importance of reading and referring research paper.

But still, the truth of reading research paper is something like this:

Still, we can’t give up, right? We need to continue….

Also, sometimes we don’t have to read the entire paper. We just want to understand and note the key points of the paper. Generally, we curious to know the outcomings in short about overall paper, and then if it is worth reading, then we can dig into details of it. This will also save lot of our time in reading the actually required things and also helps us to stay focused on the topic.

There comes the role of summarizer which provides important points in less time. So here’s IBM’s text summarizer. This is an amazing product developed, to read a summary of research papers. It has over 330,000 AI-related papers from different digital platforms, workshops, and many more. There are papers covering the entire domain of AI.

Desktop view of IBM text summarizer

Once, you select the research paper which you want to read, it provides the summarization of entire paper.

The summarization is provided as per the sections in the papers. Like summary will be there for the abstract.

Summary of Abstract

Then, summary will be there for related work and likewise.

Summary of related work

Not only that, but it also provides the pdf that can be downloaded, if you want to read the entire paper.

Also, this is a notable research work implemented in the field of text summarization in NLP.

Also, watch out the exciting video which depicts the functioning of the product.

Just give a try, it’s fun to see the real-time applications and feel the progress of AI in different domains.