An Interesting Outlook On The Future Of ‘Mobile’ Gaming

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Tesla has just rolled up a new update on their onboard entertainment system Tesla Arcade, which allows you to play popular games like “Fallout Shelter”, “Cuphead” or “Stardew Valley”, while your car does the driving for you.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Tesla is still in the middle of proving its reliability. Tesla vehicles are not yet fully self-driving in legal terms. But looking at their development, they sure will be pretty soon.

Elon Musk has promised that you will be able to sleep in your Tesla on the move by 2020.

The future of Tesla and gaming

Imagine Tesla, after achieving the peak of self-driving performance, would team up with companies like Sony and Microsoft, allowing you to take your Playstation or Xbox with you in your car as plug and play entertainment system.

Photo by R.A Mendoza on Unsplash

The hourlong drive to work would suddenly be no longer a nuisance, but could well become the most cherished time of day for gamers. While at home, you have other responsibilities, a spouse and/or kids to take care of, limiting your overall spare time to indulge in gaming.

Now you just jump into your car on your way to work, fire up that Playstation or Xbox and enjoy mindless gaming in silence over the next hour or two. You could have dedicated time to spend with your hobby. And when you get home, your spouse won’t complain about you sitting in front of the TV while he or she would like you to help with the chores a little.

It could take some of the most wasted time of our day and transform it into something we’d look forward to.

Distance from workplace to home would lose its negativity

Right now, people are actively looking for jobs in their closer vicinity. Nobody wants to waste hours driving from town to town. That’s even one of the main reasons why people love working from home.

A study conducted by CNBC revealed that the average time of one-way commuting in the US is about 26.1 minutes. The longest time spent commuting is in Washington DC, with about 43.6 minutes for one trip.

With the possible future that Tesla is opening up, commuting may one day be one of the most enjoyable activities of our lives. And since many companies pay their employees a little compensation for a longer commute, you would technically even get paid to spend an hour or two a day playing video games.

Oh, and if you’re not a gamer, don’t fret. You could spend the time sleeping a little more or watching movies instead.

This outlook on driving in the future seems even better than what science-fiction has predicted so far.

Sure, driving can be fun. If you’re new behind the wheel, you may think it’s one of the most fun things to do. And I don’t disagree with that.

But once you’ve spent a few weeks of time being stuck in traffic, your feet going numb from the constant engaging and disengaging of the clutch, just to move 2 feet forward, you’ll agree that driving isn’t always fun.