Announcing Proof of Care at DeepRadiology

Proof of care is a new term in the crypto ICO world. It means the community is rewarded for showing the community cares. It cares about the project, the people and the beliefs that the project stands for and ultimately the community stands with.

At DeepRadiology, we believe that blockchain powered artificial will revolutionize healthcare. This is why we have a world class team (check out the team page). This why we have been working hard from 2015, getting all the bugs out.

We are here to help save and transform lives. With that philosophy in mind, we want to help others that care too. Thus we are opening a proof of care program. We want to show we care about those who care about us.

Reasons behind rules and other protocols

The trouble behind running a proof of care program is that people end up being shrills. They may spam other communities. And we do not desire that. We believe in the goodness of our community members and we are aware that there are not so good people out there who will do anything for a small reward.

Reward disclosure

For that reason we decided not to disclose the rewards. It is also for that reason, we decided that the community is free to call out any spam or shrills. We encourage our members to defend their values and the community they belong to.


We will keep 2 lists. One private list of applicants with names, eth address, email, socials, and of course contributions. And then we will keep a public list, of just the names and their contribution(s).

We know not all contributors want to be named in the public list, and we respect that. During the application we will ask if you want to be listed on the public list or not. Should you change your mind, in the the telegram group, ask to be changed and we will do so as promptly as possible.

Types of rewards

Just as there are many different proofs of contributions, there is also many different types rewards.

We may give out tokens, we may also give out Linkedin endorsements or perhaps social media mentions, or recruit the top contributors. While it is true, we will focus primarily on token based rewards, we have decided to keep our options open.

Exceptional people who believe in us and contribute, need to be recognized via many different rewards.

What counts as contributions?

Contributions may include but not limited to:

  • Meeting and taking photos with us at the events we go to
  • Blog posts about DeepRaiology
  • Helping with white paper error finding
  • Helping with social media
  • Making suggestions/proposals and helping us with ideas.
  • YouTube Videos about DeepRadiology
  • Music about DeepRadiology
  • Dance moves about DeepRadiology
  • Participating in our community
  • Anything else we might have missed but you think is cool

So rules

  1. Don’t be good, be AWESOME! Ask questions and help everyone out!
  2. Keep the community safe: Call out shrills and spammers. Let admins know of any issues your having or anything that needs to be addressed!
  3. Some other third rule

Application Forum

Source: Deep Learning on Medium