Announcing Resquire

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Introducing a faster and more convenient way to develop and integrate artificial intelligence with

In the ever faster developing world the time to develop something is limited. Especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, we are still in the early stages, yet we are already right in the middle of it. Keeping up with this development will be a challenge for many businesses in the future. We are well aware that the winners on the market are those who adapt the fastest and rely on new technologies.

The most common hurdle is usually not the lack of expertise, but rather time. Developing artificial intelligence can be a long and frustrating process.

With Resquire we want to help you start right there, a tool that allows you to develop and adopt artificial intelligence in an easy and quick way by taking most of the manual work out of the process.
Our goal is to provide you a tool that saves you unnecessary frustration, trouble and time so you can spend more time focusing on the important things.