ANW Business Fields

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

ANW will initially focus on the development of the AI engine, asset management, AI-based learning management, and other services in which the AI engine can be plugged in.

  1. AI Engine Development
  2. AI-based Asset Management Service
  3. AI-based Learning Management
  4. AI-based Game Platform (future work)

The ANW foundation aims to develop an AI learning management and asset manage- ment platform via a novel neural network algorithm based on principle-governed parsing technology. This technology which has been proprietarily developed along with a context inference engine that fully understands and implements natural language.

The data accurately retrieved through the ANW engine will be recorded on the blockchain, which will be applied to and utilized in first language education and trading services. Furthermore, ANW will build an ecosystem that creates synergy through connections with diverse industries where the ANW engine and its token can be utilized and implemented.

ANW will initially focus on two parts of the industry with the following solution mechanisms in each field:


1) Discerning trends
2) Strategy weight management
3) Noise filtering
4) Balance management
5) Deep learning central management


  1. Learning management through AI-based conversation recognition
  2. Correction of learner errors through natural language processing
  3. Deep Learning based on full parsing