Anxiety Stricken? AI Can Help

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Anxiety Stricken? AI Can Help

As the world continues to be in quarantine, many may be suffering from anxiety at minimum and panic at worst. However, artificial intelligence has done it again. It has played a key role in mental health therapeutics. One app that I’ve recently come across is Youper.

Now give me a minute and let me try to explain it before you stop reading. Yooper was designed by a couple of genius psychiatrists in San Francisco as a way to employ cognitive behavioral therapy using the science of artificial intelligence.

It basically engages one in conversation with writing prompts that guide through an assessment of one’s feelings and ideas on how to assuage them if the user is experiencing negative feelings of anxiety, anger or sadness.

The most remarkable feature about Youper, is that it offers an array of different options for the emotions one may be feeling. It prompts the user to identify feelings that one may not be able to identify for themselves. And then once the emotion is identified, it will change them over time to the degree to which the user experiences them. For example, yesterday one felt stressed at a 70-degree level and then today they feel stressed at about 60%.

The user may not really notice where they’re moving the cursor so it’s not that one is making a conscious decision that the user feels less stressed today than they did yesterday. Over time this charting feature is extremely helpful because it can be tied back to the types of behavior one displayed perhaps at the suggestion of Youper and maybe not that that could have relieved some symptoms.

Now I’m going to ask you to stop reading here and download it. It is free but it does have a premium upgrade which I think is incredibly worthwhile. But for the free trial, you get all the benefits of the premium and you can experience it for yourself.