Applying AI to Group Collaborations.

Original article was published by Dr John Rose on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

AI applications, Poetry.

Applying AI to Group Collaborations.

Applying AI to my research in group collaborations. Sharing some poetic thoughts.

Groups collaborate and drink coffee. Can you apply AI to help? Photo by Nikita Vantorin on Unsplash

I was thinking,
Always dangerous,
Could distract me,
From drinking coffee,
Time to write,
Something different,
AI is always touted,
Greatest good and,
Greatest evil by,
Unknowing journalists,
Ranging from,
Benevolent robots,
Big love-me eyes to,
Ratbag bots with,
Glowing red eyes,
Guns and,
Terrifying missiles.

I thought to,
Give you insights,
Some things about,
Systems Thinking so,
You could explore,
AI concepts and,
Make your,
Own judgements,
Also thought to,
Write this,
Story in poetry,
Why not?

Artificial Intelligence,
Is about matching,
Patterns such as,
Facial recognition,
Fingerprint identification,
Voice recognition,
Translating Languages,
Pandemic spread,
Vaccination simulations,
Disease infections,
Diagnostics even,
Car-tyre wear,
Anything that can,
Generate a pattern,
Such as crowd or,
Group and,
Individual behaviours,
May be ripe,
For AI application.

But before you,
Click your fingers,
For AI magic,
Some poor sod,
Like me,
Has to analyse,
The system,
What makes,
It tick,
What happens,
When I push,
This ‘ere,
Red button?

I studied,
How people,
Work together,
Examined banking,
Systems and,
Large retailers,
Good thinking,
Ho-hum coffee,
What do you,
Expect from,

Collaborative Wellness.

Term I invented,
PhD research,
Had one of my,
Research Reviews,
Coming up,
Needed a name for,
All my research,
Including PhD,
Totalled Nineteen years,
Came to me,
While drinking,
Rare single-origin,
Ridiculously priced,
But after all,
It was coffee,
In conversation with,
Another nutter,
Said I was trying,
To answer,
“How well people,
Worked together?”,
Like a flash,
“Collaborative Wellness”,
Sprang into,
Coffee-starved Mind,
Determined my fate.

Asking Questions

People working together,
First step in our quest,
Ask questions to discover,
Who for social connections,
How for identifying processes,
With What for discovering means,
Big bit of paper,
Covering table,
Felt-tipped pens,
Multiple colours,
Make a,
Rich picture,
Describing system,
Share with managers,
Workers and Kookaburras.

Diagram 1: Questions to ask when discovering how collaborations work. Research by John Rose.

In essence,
Discovery yields,
Anatomy of,
Linked collaborations,
Flows of knowledge,
Production line with,
Work stations,
Each stop along,
The line is a,
Wellness Unit,
Our investigation,
One step deeper,
Examining how,
Purpose is fulfilled,
How value is,
Delivered to,
CWU Stakeholders.

Diagram 2. Explores purpose fulfillment of Collaborative Wellness Unit (CWU). Research by John Rose.

Now investigator,
Step back,
Holistic View,
Look at Groups,
Working and,
Exchanging Knowledge,
Notice boundaries defined,
Create closed systems,
So if you’re inclined,
You can estimate,
Flows of,
Knowledge entropy,
Useful for,
Considering the,
Declining value of,
Knowledge over time,
Not to mention,
Head banging.

Diagram 3: Groups Working Together. Published Research by John Rose

Time to put it,
All together,
Each group or,
Process can be,
Described as,
Being CWU’s,
Interacting and,
Adapting to,
Changing market,

Goodness I said,
Didn’t mean it,
Obviously need coffee,
Nerds forgive me.

Diagram 4: Abstracted System now Basis for AI application. Research by John Rose.

System Described, Now What?

It takes some time,
To build this overview,
Knowledge flows,
Gathering data,
Time to assemble,
Input data for,
AI Tensorflow,

As you can see,
Applying AI to,
Existing systems is,
No easy task,
Time consuming,
Demands attention,
Detail and accuracy,
Approximate data and,
“She’ll be right”,
Attitudes upset,
AI analysis,
Invalidating results.

You will find it,
Most difficult to,
Explain findings and,
Predictions especially to,
Sceptical managers and,
Unsmiling stakeholders.

On some,
I have been as,
Popular as,
Mud soup,
“Sorry guys”,
I exclaimed,
“Your data is,
Just manure,
Not fit for,
Another story,
I’ll keep for,
Grandchildren and,

Blessed be,
I’m a tree,
Not AI.

Systems Thinking References.

Python Language References.

I use Python for,
Experimenting and
Prototyping in,
Deep Learning,
If you really,
Want to blast ahead.

AI References.

If you want to,
Play around,
With proper AI,
See for yourself,
What can be and,
Can’t be done,
Stop engaging with,
Popular empty heads and,
Do something yourself,
Suggest you start at,
Getting your head,
Around Deep Learning.

Modelling References.

I have used Netlogo,
For modelling over,
Many years,
Gives quick insights,
Minimum of work,
Don’t need much,
By way of,
Programming skills,
Allows curiosity to,

Learning Some Basics with Ready built libraries.

Admittedly sometimes,
Jumping into,
Deep Learning,
Is a bit overwhelming,
Try scikit-learn,
Gives you quick,
Access to validated,
Data and tools,
See what it’s,
All about.

AI Background Reading

Alan Turing was,
In my opinion,
Greatest pioneer of,
Concepts in,
Artificial Intelligence.