Approachable AI — Accessibility (part 3)

Original article was published by Jeff Kimmel on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

In our first two posts, we discussed the need to make systems easy to use and easy to understand in order to have Approachable AI. The first and final pillar is Accessibility. On the surface, most would think this is the most obvious but also assume that it is the easiest and that it exists in all software today. After all, how can you use a platform if you can’t access it? However, Approachable AI is less about access to the platform and more about access to the insights.

Approachable AI is about push not pull.

Answers and Insights Where You Need Them

The goal of Approachable AI is for users to seamlessly gain answers and insights from their data to help automate steps in their existing processes. With this in mind, that mission is not truly attainable if we do not feed those insights directly into the existing process.

It sounds intuitive and common sense but many systems fall down in this area. They load their platforms with all of the bells and whistles to draw you in. To make the insights accessible, we understand that we need to provide a useable and explainable interface to actually draw the insights out.

Once models are built, the elipsa platform allows users to run predictions against new data right in the system. However, we know having to log into yet another system has the potential to bring your productivity to a halt. Through our APIs, users can connect their data to the elipsa pipeline to load in new information and directly feed the results back out to the application of their choice.

Software that adapts to your process. Not the other way around

Too many times vendors offer point solutions where you need to change your process in order to integrate it in. Elipsa is focused on bringing predictive analytics when, where, and how you need them. Approachable AI is about enabling your AI capabilities whether through direct interaction with our platform or through your existing business intelligence tools, data stores, accounting systems, excel, etc. A truly accessible AI solution will allow you to see the results in the same place where your data is consumed and viewed today.


An accessible platform provides the engine to drive your business forward. Accessibility is critical to the concept of Approachable AI because a platform can be as intuitive and easy to understand as possible but if you can’t easily leverage the results the value is lost. Approachable AI is thus all about an easy to use and understand application that seamlessly plugs into your existing systems and workflows.

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