Arbitrary Observation

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

If I go ‘yang’ you are forced to go ‘yin’. And, always, vice versa.

Observer Sharing A Circle With Pi. (Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash)

Yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). Circumference and diameter of an always-conserved ‘circle.’ Giving us X and Y (arbitrary observation).

Meaning you cannot have yin without yang, zero without one, X without Y, because it’s not possible to have a circumference without a diameter. Meaning the arithmetic symbol ‘2’ is the most basic identity (arbitrary observation) in Nature.


This means you cannot have a background without a foreground, and, always, vice versa. Again, because, you cannot have an ‘X’ without a ‘Y.’

Background and (or) Foreground

Meaning you cannot have the ‘coupler’ ‘and’ without the ‘coupler’ ‘or.’ Because underneath it all, pi is the only (arbitrary) observer. Meaning, again, underneath it all, if zero, then one (if one, then, zero).

The ‘coupler’ ‘if’ is the same as (and, also, different from) ‘and’, and-or, ‘or.’

This is easily proven because what a human labels ‘mind’ is arithmetically the arbitrary observer (pi) making ‘sense’ (or non-sense) out of ‘reality.’

That is, reality is based on X and Y. X in a mandatory, always-conserved, circle with Y.

X sharing a circle with Y

So, once you ‘take-the-time’ to ‘think’ this through, carefully, and, thoroughly, you will notice (arbitrarily observe) you are, your ‘self’ the arithmetic concept called ‘pi.’

Meaning, anything that goes into or comes out of your ‘mind’ is, technically, (and, realistically) the number ‘2.’

This explains the metaphor. Meaning, you can use one idea to characterize an ‘other,’ because pi is the universal ‘unifier’ behind (and in front of) ‘reality.’ Providing the ‘real’ theory of everything for ‘humans.’

Pi Diameter Circumference (One Two Three) (X Y Z) (X XX XXX)

If you are an abstract thinker, or a mathematician, or a quantum physicist, you will get this ‘easily.’ If you are just an ‘every-day-genius’ you will, also, get this easily. If you don’t get it, well, half-of-you ‘gets it,’ the other half will come around, eventually.

This is because ‘pi’ separates and joins all the ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’ in the universe, meaning, technically, there is no such thing as a ‘universe.’ Cosmologists, and astronauts, notwithstanding. There is, technically, just an abstract circle, hanging out in the background, making all of the ‘foregrounds’ possible (and probable).

Which is why the football coach, and the basketball coach (all game coaches) are infinitely entangled with ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s.’ They know behind it all (and so do you) pi is the constant, and all the rest are variables (is variable) (an infinite number of finite ‘plays…’) (constants and variables).

Why men and women love to play ‘games.’ In general. And, also, quite specific.

Observer and Observation

We are all arbitrary observers. Choosing yin and yang from day to day. And, then, of course, arbitrarily changing our choices, and our yins and yangs. This is because the observer is always circularly entangled with the observation. Meaning (and proving) the observation is, also, an observer. (Arbitrary observation explained).

All of us, then, whether we arbitrarily observe it, or not, are 50–50, yin and yang. Meaning if I want you to go yang, I just have to go yin. And, always, vice versa.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.