Archana Iyer

Original article was published by Smriti on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

6. How do you feel women are growing in tech? Anyone you looked up to?

I think women in technology, often have a range of experiences of discrimination they can speak out. Ranging from working harder to prove you are better than your male counterparts to Creating a space to just be heard, I think we have seen it all. But on the positive side, we are slowly increasing in numbers and companies are putting efforts to recognize and uplift these efforts. I do believe we will reach equality in the tech space, the journey is long and difficult. We are fortunate enough to have a lot of communities like Women Who Code invest in women leadership. We need women as not only software engineers in the industry but also as leaders. This is to pave the way for the next women in tech! As part of being the leadership fellow for Women Who Code, I get to practice leadership skills. This wonderful organization has continued to foster my skills and also given me a safe space to feel like I belong in tech. There are so many amazing women at Women Who Code who make this happen, Joey Rosenberg, The Chief Leadership Officer at WWCode, Shanna Gregory Global Leadership Manager, and Brianna Augenreich who co-leads the python/cloud tracks along with me. In my journey as a fellow, they inspire me to become better.