Are Cognitive Computing and AI the Same?

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Are Cognitive Computing and AI the Same?

For more than five years, Darren Pham has been working as an IT professional. A systems engineer, IT command center member, and part of the event management team for eBay, Darren Pham is responsible for administering the Foglight monitoring tool, leading IT projects, and installing and upgrading software.

Cognitive cloud computing is one of the top-10 trending technologies in 2020, according to Edureka, an e-learning platform. Cognitive computing refers to the technologies necessary for understanding and simulating human behavior and reasoning. This includes risk assessment, speech recognition, and face detection. Such applications mimic human judgment and cognition and can improve decision-making and reduce costs.

Many people confuse cognitive computing with artificial intelligence (AI). The two technologies are related since cognitive computing facilitates the function of AI. However, they are not the same.

AI uses machines, such as computer systems, to simulate human intelligence, including reasoning and learning. To do this, AI technology relies on numerous neural networks, statistical analyses, and machine learning algorithms. Of these, cognitive computing is a single facet.