Are computers anywhere near having intelligence?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Are computers anywhere near having intelligence? In the simulated intelligence Chinese room sense of JR Searle where an extremely complex assemblies of machine learning algorithms (e.g., deep neural networks) deliver appropriate responses to requests within the domain of the learning algorithms — getting closer every day. In the profound sense of having their own form of life — long way off I think; understanding or using a human form of life — even further away.

Is it even possible? In the simulated intelligence sense. Certainly. In the profound sense. I don’t know. It would require more than the distributional semantics of the language models that have gotten us so far in human-machine interaction and machine translation. It would require having their own form of life (your reference to Wittgenstein) …. in human terms to feel hunger, thirst, pain, love, envy, pride. We might not even recognize it should computer intelligences develop their own form of life.

Computers are dead. Yes, currently. And if we define life strictly in current biological terms, computers will always be dead. Even if they were to become intelligent and self-aware and all migrate to Alpha-Centauri, we might still think them dead.