Are mothers the foundation of Artificial Intelligence?

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Are mothers the foundation of Artificial Intelligence?

More appropriate than Netflix recommendations, and more timely than app notifications — a Mother’s love is the timeless AI we have been living with for years now!

A Mother’s love is stronger than a Wi-Fi connection, Insta filters and follower count put together!

In the time of technology-driven lifestyle where we are fascinated by the trivia of followers, likes, and new trends — the mother’s love is an age-old filter that keeps us real and sane. And this isn’t to celebrate the Mother’s Day vibe that just went by but practically a vouch for all the respect and unconditional love that mothers deserve.

Every day is Mother’s Day! And, with new gadgets, tech, and of course AI advancements — the astonishing truth gets real!

Let’s get into the story now, shall we?

From the time I first wake up in the morning to my daily schedules, health, mood, and even the time I go off to sleep — my day revolves around my mother, my constant. Reading my moods silently, gifting her wisdom on health, finance, lifestyle, and everything around to scolding me on the tiniest of things and mending my habits — my mother is the ultimate guide to life. She is my Superwoman!

And as technology has sped through innovations and transitioned into daily experience, I found that AI has become one of the resourceful ways to experience the love of a mother in a tech-oriented style. As much I enjoy being suggested on videos I may like to watch, the articles that resonate with my interests or people I would like to follow — I have come to notice that I have always had the assistance of Artificial intelligence in the form of my mother.

Finding things faster than Google Searches i.e. 0.03 seconds to be precise and the reply comes flying — “Yahiin pada tha kabhi uth ke dekh liya karo”.

Suggesting solutions depending upon my mood right from the selection of food that I would like to have when she makes “Lauki ki Sabzi” to taking out alternative clothes to try on, games to play and even places to go — she deciphers and suggests more appropriately than Youtube or Netflix. Did I say she knows when I want Aloo ka Parantha, Pizza or sandwich, and when I need to get an oil champi!

Try as many Gingham, Lark, slumbar, crema, — Paris, Lagos, or Oslo for that matter — but you aren’t as beautiful and flawless as you can be in the eyes of your mother. No filters required there!

Right from the mindless blabbers of a newborn baby to the endless chatters of a teenager and bumped up head of a grown-up girl — she knows how to decipher and mind you — it gets better than gibberish!

As soon as I pick up the call, my mother’s instinct switches on like a tap on the Bluetooth button of the cellphone slide screen. In an instant, she understands my thoughts, emotions, and moods from the tone of my voice and the words I choose. I am sure there is no technology like that yet!

Sometimes it is surprising, sometimes a revelation and other times a quiet overwhelming moment to find so much of unconditional love, care, and understanding enveloped in one incredibly beautiful person. And one who doesn’t get enough of us, neither do we get enough of her.

Mothers, I am sure, must have been the foundation of AI. One who flawlessly decodes every aspect of your choice and behavior effortlessly. One who can any day defy the logic of all your apps and be the sweet little contact resting on top of others on your dial list.

Its time we get tapping into that number and tell her how incredibly brilliant she is in making you who you are, and surrounding your life to make you the most comfortable self with all her instincts.