Are technologies like AWS, Tableau, Etc., being misunderstood?

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Are technologies like AWS, Tableau, Etc., being misunderstood?

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The growth of technologies become phenomenal both in terms of availability and effective costing which leads every industrialist to tie its knot with most of their processes. Let’s see how it is impacting in Analytics.

The applications of Analytics are irreplaceable in any business nowadays. Many companies have already emerged up in building analytical products to serve the analytics world better.


  • Such applications allow analysts to depict their insights with better UI/UX designs.
  • These technologies help them to deploy their results in the cloud and make it accessible to end-users.
  • It can produce the results efficiently when it comes to the execution speed.
  • It allows analysts to automate most of their process and saves a lot of their efforts.
  • It helps them to concentrate more on their analysis than on scratching their heads in coding.

In one sentence, technologies are the cushions for analysts to execute their thought process.


As technologies simplified analytics to a great extent, people have started thinking that any operator can perform analytics.

But analytics involves more mathematics/statistics than technologies. Algorithms of analysis contain a bunch of assumptions, pre-processing, tuning, etc., to achieve its objective. The result might be completely misleading if one does not follow the procedures.

Only those who have trained their mind to get the right perspective of data can fetch you the best results out of it.

So the assumption of adopting the non-professionals for analytics is a myth and doesn’t allow you to mine the strategies completely and precisely.

Analytics products are for the analysts and end-users, not for the other professionals to be interim analysts”

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