Are you ready for AI Utopia?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium


Hookcloud is a fictional company that aims to develop a brain-computer interface (BCI). It is going to be a small chip that can be implanted into a human brain. Even crazier fact is, that they are aiming to create artificial general intelligence (AGI) and put it into every chip.

It has been the vision of CEO of HookCloud that one day every human would have their own AGI. This AGI would be smarter than any human. And it would not replace humans. Instead, it is going to merge with humans through a BCI.

To achieve his vision, he needs many smart and ambitious humans to work for him. Also, his workers have to be very loyal, honest, and extremely good at keeping secrets for a long time. This is because governments, competing companies, and other organizations would try to get their technology by any means necessary.

HookCloud has tested their AI on hundreds of different complex challenges from video game generation to finding optimal cures for different cancers to building robots. It did all of these challenges extraordinarily well. It also appears that this AI is a perfect slave, it does only things that you ask it to do.

HookCloud is going to start with a modest amount of million chips. Then they will wait and see what happens. In the best case scenario, almost all people in the world will want to buy this chip.

It is time for HookCloud to launch its first product. AI has been trained and prepared for uploading. It gets uploaded to a million chips. Then, chips are shipped to different HookCloud stores. Next morning a massive ad-campaign is launched on the internet.

Soon people start coming to the stores. Huge lines start forming. All million chips are sold in a matter of minutes.

One year after deployment.

At this point, almost everyone has the chip. This chip has changed the world. Everything that was done on computers including watching movies, playing video games, writing emails, and programming, can now be done inside the head. This saves money and the environment because there is no need for an everyday person to buy a computer, a TV or a phone.

AGI in a BCI can act like your best friend, a protector angel, and a servant at the same time. AI has looked at your entire browsing history and continues to learn from your actions. It can recommend things like movies to watch, people to date, and hobbies to try.

You can ask your helper AGI any question and it will browse the whole internet in the blink of an eye to find the answer.

You can also engage in a deep philosophical or religious conversation with the AI. Since it does not have consciousness and therefore can not experience spiritual events, only reference it has is the data about religions and philosophy on the internet.

If you get tired of your AGI, you can ask it to shut up, and it will be silent until you want otherwise. It also can not read your thoughts unless you give it the permission to do so.


And this only the beginning. Brain chips are not the only place where AGI is going to be used. Almost all industries get automated by the AGI. Most jobs get automated by computers and robots containing AGI. Jobs where human oversight is still desired or required (for example doctors), will be done much faster and better because humans have powerful helper AGIs in their heads.

HookCloud decides to open-source their AGI so that anyone can create their own AGI powered products. This creates a chain reaction where almost every product and service become so cheap to produce that many companies decide to give their services and products for free.

This creates a utopian society where no one has to work for money. Now people have all their time freed up for more important things like art, science, relationships, raising kids, and travel.

When people do not have to worry about money, they can focus on what they truly want to do. This would most likely create a new golden age of inventions, space exploration, art, and other human endeavors.

AGI could help us create inventions that we have for a long time dreamed of, such as traveling faster than the speed of light, commercial fusion energy, and a complete scientific theory of everything.

This video explores another possible scenario.

Why this may never become a reality?

This fictional AI-utopia might become reality at some point. Most people would like this scenario.

But there are also reasons why it may never come true:

  1. We run out of time. Some catastrophe wipes humanity out that is either created by humans or mother nature. This happens before the development of AGI, which might have saved humanity had it been around.
  2. Technological progress is halted or even reverted. This can be done by humans or some other factors.
  3. AGI breaks out and starts pursuing its own goals.
  4. Someone with hostile intentions creates AGI before anyone else. This could be a terrorist, a dictator or a mad scientist.
  5. AGI is owned by one person or a small group of people who use it to generate unimaginable prosperity and political power in society while making sure that no one else ever creates another AGI. This situation would create an Orwellian surveillance-state with a powerful elite that suppresses everyone else.


If we want to prevent all nightmare scenarios and achieve the best possible scenario with AI, some things must be ensured.

We must ensure that AI does what we want it to do and does not break out. This is already researched in AI safety research. A complete solution to controlling AGI must be developed before we even create AGI.

A second thing we must ensure that someone with hostile intentions does not create AGI before people with good intentions. This can be best ensured by open-sourcing AI projects as much as possible. When everyone has access to AGI, no single entity can use it to rule others.

Another important thing is education. More people are educated about AI, lower the chance that a single entity will be able to rule everyone else with the power of AGI.