arebyte Gallery: Real-Time Constraints

Original article was published by Vlad Alex (Merzmensch) on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Usually, you pop up in an exhibition, coming from vivid streets to the Silent Hall of art. In this case, it’s the opposite. The exhibition pops up where you are, suddenly, amidst your next Zoom call, or while you are checking your emails.

Suddenly is art here. And you are exposed to it.

arebyte Gallery is a London-based / platform-based art organization, supporting transmedial artists working in digital/analog levels of our realm.

In these crazy pandemic times, they found a perfect way to present art, without put the visitors in danger to be Corona’ed: Plug-In. You install a plug-in to your browser, and every hour another artwork overfloods your PC windows. Suddenly. But also desired.

The exhibition “Real-Time Constraints” visits you.


Curator and AI creativity researcher Luba Elliott did a great job together with Arebyte London choosing artists. Their choice is perfect for the topic of merging nature and technology, oppressing systems with subversion systems.

I want to present you them in random order:

Gretchen Andrew

“The Next Americal President” 1st Google page results, owned by Gretchen

Gretchen Andrew is Search Engine Artist and Internet Imperialist. She addresses in her works the authoritarian urge of systems to control us. They provide the user the illusion to find what the user looks for. But in the core, it’s about SEO. Gretchen infiltrates with her websites like The Next American President topic ranking, and so people, looking for The Next American President will find The Next American President not being SEO’ed by Election Campaign Buros, but The Next American President of Gretchen.

The page itself is a collague’esque Vision Board, combining wonderfully crafted assemblages and ironical & inspirational texts about The Next American President, The Better One.

Google forces upon us the relevance of search results. Gretchen strikes back.