ArtemOS Release v1.0

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ArtemOS out go to ahead and check it out in our website — TECHNOPREMIUM/artemOS

Technology at Your Fingertips

Developers — Video editors — Streamers — Gamers

ArtemOS is a Linux flavor based on Ubuntu 19.04 with packages installed ready for developers, video editors, streamers, and gamers. We believe that Linux is one of the best Operating systems ever invented, , but they’re still not being used for as many people as it should, due to its complex some times software installation.

Nvidia drivers, for example, and CUDA can take some times to make them work properly, those task and other complicated installations are what Technopremium team do for you to present a fully optimized operating system. Linux has been proven that some apps work even better than Windows. Since macOS just support AMD GPUs it makes Linux the right place for developers to work on, you will have the flexibility to work with Unix and the terminal we love but with the power of the new RTX GPUs from NVIDIA.

Even launch a Jupyter notebook and develop directly from your browser.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Switch between dark and light mode, change fonts, cursor, icons, and more, make your operating system yours.

Accessible from All Locations

We any desk and OpenSSH server built-in you can local or remotely connect to your artemOS so you can develop directly from your Mac or Windows without installing VMs and using resources in your localhost

No ads secure your information

With built-in brave browser allow you to navigate multiple websites without annoying ads showing up, and it will block tracker cookies to stop them from collecting information. Using SSH, yo,u can encrypt your communication with artemOS once connecting remotely.

Developers — Video editors — Streamers — Gamers

Visual Studio, Anaconda, Nvidia driver with CUDA 10.2 support, Davinci resolve 16, Steam, Lutrius and more are installed ready for our user to jump in and start using artemOS without even touching the terminal to install any software

Customer Support our priority

We believe that with great power comes great responsibility, that’s why Technopremium Support team is here ready to help you to accomplish your goals, we offer 24/7 email support and schedule video conference for premium clients.

We’ve Come a Long Way

Making Linux Simple

We are a team of Developers, Software engineers, and DevOps passionate about all things Linux, we believe that in the next five years Ubuntu and other flavors are going to be utilized more and more for the average user, our goal is to create a custom OS ready and straightforward for the consumer, s,o they do not need to worry about installation but rather on their development and goals

We develop software to make Nvidia GPUs work more efficient and get the maximum performance out of your GPU; we focus on Deep learning development at scale from installing a plug and play environment for DL development and deployment at the edge, you can check our other Ubuntu flavors down below