Artificial intelligence — Helpful Or Dangerous.

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Artificial intelligence — Helpful Or Dangerous.

AI is one of those tech which can change the whole ecosystem of how things work around us. When we talk about AI we mean an intelligence which can be thousands times faster, accurate and reliable. But what is the main reason we are afraid of the fact that artificial intelligence can be harmful to humans in an inhuman way. Yes, I am taking a reference of the movie matrix.

John McCarthy was the computer scientist who mentioned and founded the term artificial intelligence. For more details check out:

So lets find out if artificial intelligence is that injurious to humans.


Artificial Intelligence as per Wikipedia is:
Artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals.
Or in other words an ability of a machine to behave or think in a manner as animals and humans do or even better than them.
Also there are many terms that we are familiar with like machine learning, deep learning and AI.


Complex program that can make sense, reason and behave according to the situation.


A program made up of complex algorithms which can improve the outcome as the program collects more information.
Apps like Instagram and Facebook uses these types of algorithms to display ads about products which you searched earlier on google you were thinking to buy. If that is happened to you that’s ML.


You have obviously came across the term Neural Network.
Just to simplify Neural Networks are networks which work on the data and improve it by every generation.