Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Dummies?!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Dummies?!

In my “Analytically Yours” update last week, I highlighted a piece called “Building an AI Red Team to Stop Problems Before They Start”.

Many of you reached out and wanted to know more. So, I reached out to Dan Jeffries, the author of the piece, to see if he would tell us more about the story behind the article.

My call with Dan was supposed to last 15 minutes. We talked for 60.

Soooo much practical guidance is packed in this week’s “Drill To Details” podcast. We coved “AI Ethics”, “AI Hackers” (aka the “AI Red Team”), and the details of the “AI Canonical Stack”.

Dan is a brilliant technologist and he is to talk with. He’s the author of a 7-part series on AI (“Learn AI even if you suck at Math”) that’s been read by millions and that I think should be required reading for any leader involved with Data, AI and Analytics.

I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I did. Listen in to find out:

  • Why Everyone Needs “AI Hackers” & 3 Types of “Red Teams”
  • How “Practical Ethics Decisions” differ in the Human vs. the AI World
  • What Your “Canonical Stack” should look like in the “HMTL 1 Days of AI”…

Key article reviews by Dan:

  1. Learning AI if You Suck at Math @ 87% of your Data Projects NEVER Go Live.
  2. Follow Daniel Jeffries’ advice on building an #AI Red Team @


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