Artificial Intelligence already runs our world.

Original article was published by Supercharge Lab on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Artificial Intelligence already runs our world. Can Artificial Intelligence be ethical, and can we create and sustain conscious technology?

We at Supercharge Lab aim at using technology in an ethical way — for organizations and teams to do better.

Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

While navigating the world of unnecessarily wasteful processes, we help humans do better and be better by automating mundane everyday tasks and leaving the creative thinking, innovative work, and human-to-human connectivity. That way we can increase valuable productivity by high performing individuals like yourself. Although Artificial Intelligence already runs our world, we believe that AI should and can be built according to these principles:

Transparency: We ensure that we provide detailed information on how the technology works, and what metrics are being measured and managed.

Standards: We never store data, and we delete and destroy data immediately after the project conclusion. We have the highest standards for security and governance for all our tools and processes.

Bias: We make sure that our algorithms and all of the technology processes are created without bias — either human or cognitive. We have a strong ethical compass that drives the delivery of value for our clients.

Scaling Trust: There are paradigms of trust in place for all that we do. This is achieved through the norms are created and followed across all internal policies, procedures and processes.