Artificial Intelligence and Chess

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Artificial Intelligence and Chess

We can talk about this topic in two different perspectives

1. Artificial intelligence in chess

2. Artificial intelligence with chess thinking

Let’s talk about chess in first perspective. Actual chess began in India about long time ago. After that there were many chess masters and professionals all around the world. Natural intelligence conquers the chess world 100% till recent. Then revolutionized artificial intelligence entered into the game and began to dominate natural intelligence. In 1997, Deep Blue, the IBM supercomputer, beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a six-game series. In 2017, Google’s AlphaZero routed Stockfish, the world’s best chess engine, over the course of 100 matches. AlphaZero taught itself how to play like a human.

AI has initiated with chess at 18th century.

The chess automaton had passed through different owners over the previous decades, but it always had a life-sized dummy seated behind a large wooden cabinet. Its’ interior was crammed with a series of gears, cranks and levers that resembled the innards of a clock. So,AI seemed to be a mechanical idea based thing.

Turk was being controlled by a human operator and none of society at that time ever managed to fully explain how the hoax worked. In actuality, the machine’s cogs and cranks were all non-functioning decoys that only extended only part of the way through the cabinet. This left a small space into which a human chess master could hid himself.However,that moment is the basic thing automation chess in history.

Let’s go to the second perspective in chess.AI with chess thinking is very critical thing in development of artificial intelligence.Artificial intelligence has two tools for tackling problems.One method is to use observe human moves by introspection .Second method is to invent methods using ideas of computer science without worrying about whether humans do it this way.Actually,chess can implement both procedures.Patterns in the position suggest which lines of play to look at ,and the pattern recognition lines existed in AI needed to be advances as the human mind to execute best moves. Possibility of a chess move must be carefully and accurately decided by neural network which is sub part of AI.There are 10⁸⁰ games existed after the initial move of one player.

Neural Networking

So,AI need to find the suitable move or plan to defeat the opponent.Advantage of AI bot rather than the human is when the thinking process is happening,there are no emotions or frustration in the process.This advantage all around the AI created things.Chess thinking is vital in other products in AI due to advancement of neural networking and deep learning can be eased with chess techniques.Strategy planning and careful implementation are higher intelligent levels of AI neural networking.

2001: A Space Odyssey

“foolproof and incapable of error.” If you are science fiction novel reader, I think you have heard this phrase at somewhere.It came from 2001: A Space Odyssey. On the spaceship Discovery One, which is bound for Jupiter, Dr. Frank Poole plays chess against supercomputer HAL 9000, which is, it claims, “foolproof and incapable of error.”So,AI is all around us,Isn’t it?