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Industry News

World’s most valuable AI startup SenseTime unveils Self-Driving Center in Japan —

The world’s highest-valued artificial intelligence startup SenseTime has set foot in Japan. The Beijing-based firm announced on Friday that it just opened a self-driving facility in Joso, a historic city 50 kilometers away from Tokyo, where it plans to conduct R&D and road test driverless vehicles.

AI startup SenseTime readies $2 Billion Funding — 
 SenseTime, the world’s largest AI startup, raised over $1.2 billion last year including a round announced in May that valued it at more than $4.5 billion

Cheaper AI for everyone is the promise with Intel and Facebook’s new chip — 
 Companies hoping to use artificial intelligence should benefit from more efficient chip designs.

CES 2019: Nvidia partners with Mercedes on AI — 
 Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz have extended their partnership to develop AI architecture across the entire car.

Meituan partners with Nvidia, Valeo and Icona for its autonomous delivery platform —

China’s Xiaomi Places a $1.5 Billion Bet on AI and Smart Devices — 
 The investment is part of the Beijing-based company’s strategy of wringing more revenue from high-value services and the Internet of Things, billionaire co-founder Lei Jun said in a statement. The company is also focusing on pushing upmarket while expanding into Europe, Lei told Bloomberg Television

Leveraging AI to Cure Cancer — 
 1 in 2 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime, that’s a whooping 18,500,000 people expected to be diagnosed with this deathly disease. Not to mention 1 in 4 Canadians are…

This algorithm browses Wikipedia to auto-generate textbooks — 
 Wikipedia is a valuable resource. But it’s not always obvious how to collate the content on any given topic into a coherent whole.

Breaking Down the Tencent 2018 Cybersecurity Report — 
 At the 2018 World AI Conference in Shanghai, Tencent Cybersecurity Group and the Cybersecurity Innovation Institute co-published their AI Empowers Cyberspace Security: Patterns and Practices report…

Financial Services

An AI-Powered ETF Failed Miserably at Beating the Market in 2018 — Here’s What You Can Learn From Its Mistakes 
 Don’t hand over your money to the robots just yet.

A 3 step guide to assess any Business Use-Case of AI — 
 If anyone asks me what I learnt by starting off my career working in a venture capital firm, my first reply would be to mention that it was the unique pleasure of being a generalist in a world that…

The Machine Learning specialists Goldman Sachs especially needs in 2019 
 Goldman Sachs is going to be looking for a particular breed of machine learning expert this year.

Algorithms Are Determining Your Creditworthiness — Bloomberg — 
 Machine learning is helping auto lenders make better decisions, which is likely more accurate than using humans who are unpredictable and prone to bias.

For AI Engineers

Alibaba Open-Sources Mars to Complement NumPy — 
 “NumPy” is a beloved tool for the huge population of Python users who are mathematicians, engineers, etc. and working deeply in scientific computing. The NumPy Base N-dimensional array package…

UK leading the way in AI jobs — 
 China continues to lead the way in the AI industry with 12,113 job postings followed by the US with 7,465.

Supercharging Word Vectors — 
 Over the last few years, word vectors have been transformative in their ability to create semantic linkages between words. It is now the norm for these to be fed into deep learning models for tasks…

From Twitter


To Hire or Not to Hire Online AI Grads: That Is the Question — 
 It all started with a tweet from Google Japan Data Project Manager Suzana Ilić: “Yesterday someone (ML, CS PhD, Stanford) said he would not hire a person who is online educated in Machine Learning…

Can Facebook and Alexa predict the end of your relationship? — 
 “Expiration dating” may be closer than we think.

Should Children Form Emotional Bonds With Robots? — 
 When I brought the robot home from the Apple Store, I knew I was inviting a new kind of strangeness into our lives. My wife worried about giving our 4-year-old son a(nother) digital thing, a “smart”…

AI created images of food just by reading the recipes — New Scientist — 
 AI can read a recipe and guess what the food will look like. Some of the results look like food you might cook at home, others look like inedible mush

Around Asia-Pacific Region

US-China Relations in the age of AI — 
 China and the US are leading the way when it comes to AI technologies.

Russia: Expect a National AI Roadmap by Midyear — 
 Moscow is starting to put financial and logistical muscle behind its efforts to develop artificial intelligence.

China’s top AI scientist drives development of ethical guidelines 
 Inventor of ‘Robot Goddess’ says the technology has advanced to the point where it is now time to discuss the risks

Baidu Aims Edge Platform at AI Developers — 
 Platform vendors are increasingly focusing on computing at the network edge as those devices sweep up more unstructured data. The goal is to move

Tsinghua University Publishes Comprehensive Machine Translation Reading List — 
 Tsinghua Natural Language Processing Group (THUNLP) has published a great reading list on GitHub for any budding AI researchers whose New Year’s resolution is to study machine translation. The list…

Alibaba-Backed AI Startup Said to Mull Up to $1 Billion Hong Kong IPO — 
 Megvii, the owner of facial recognition developer Face++, is considering an initial public offering in Hong Kong that could net as much as $1 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

Alibaba announces new collaborations with BMW and Intel — 
 Alibaba will bring its voice assistant to BMW Vehicles in China and develop an AI-powered 3D athlete tracking technology with Intel for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

SUTD introduces Singapore’s first undergraduate research programme — 
 SINGAPORE: The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has launched Singapore’s first undergraduate research programme. The SUTD …

Beyond Asia-Pacific Region

The European AI landscape 
 Europe has a leading edge in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. This workshop report describes activities being carried out in the field of AI in different Member States and in some of the countries associated to Horizon 2020. Learn about the academic, industrial and funding ecosystems, and find out more about the various governmental initiatives and strategies related to AI.

Kai-fu Lee: “No hope for Europe’s Artificial Intelligence sector” — 
 Kai-Fu Lee — AI expert and former exec at Apple, Microsoft and Google — argues that Europe can’t compete with the US and China

Finland teaches 1% of its population AI — 
 Inside Finland’s plan to train its population in artificial intelligence.

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