Original article was published by Christian Johnson on Artificial Intelligence on Medium


So right now we are living in one of the most transformative times in human history. The past several months has forced many of us to slow down and focus on the things that matter most like connecting with nature and building better relationships with family members. What if this dynamic could be sustainable and instead of worrying about surviving, we could focus on living?

I believe this period of time is crucial in helping eliminate the need for humans to perform most tasks which can free up time and brain power to tackle world problems like climate change.

Our society is now ready to adopt new technologies like artificial intelligence into our everyday lives. A person who may have not been tech savvy a year ago can now easily order fast food or groceries from their phone. With millions of people crossing the digital divide, we are going to witness the fastest rate of technology advancement we could ever imagine.

This will change our relationship with the workplace and can help shift our species from the idea of being worker bees to enlightened individuals who work together for collective impact.

I imagine a future with no jobs and no hunger because in this future we as a society adopted an equal resource distribution system powered by AI. This doesn’t mean you can do things that make you happy, but actually empowers you to go after your passions instead of worrying about having to work a job you hate because that’s what will put food on your table.

This type of thinking may seem lofty and far fetched, but I believe this is the perfect time to begin redesigning our society and imagining possible futures that will elevate humanity.

At Respond AI we don’t just want to imagine a possible future but we want to create to create it as well. We are designing AI swarm drone pods with the goal of changing the Public Safety and Defense Sector forever. With our technology, mission commanders will gain a huge advantage by having situational awareness in the mission environment both digitally and physically.

We also imagine an eventual future where you no longer need to put humans in harms way and can deploy our Respond AI swarms to accomplish full scale missions in the Air, on Land and in the Sea.

What type of future do you imagine and how do you think artificial intelligence will impact it?