Artificial Intelligence growing Users’ eXperience

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Artificial Intelligence growing Users’ eXperience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once a concept only known to science-fiction fans. However, AI has now become a mainstream technology that every second developer uses on a daily basis. When looking for the exact purpose may seem daunting, the effort involved can be well worth it.

The UX of AI’ by Google Design

If you aren’t aligned with a human need, you’re just going to build a very powerful system to address a very small — or perhaps nonexistent — problem.

UX getting better day by day,

  • Visual Intelligence includes computer vision, sharing other topics such as pattern recognition and learning techniques, image processing, Visual AI, that is better than the Human Eye, improving user experience.
  • Voice, perhaps the most well-known booming AI these days are these speech recognition assistants like Siri, Google Home, Alexa by the giants.
  • Chat-bot, talking to people virtually, 24/7 & used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent.
  • Do Your Keyword Research on browser and get the specific information for your SEO Strategy.

Some really cool features up are the two most obvious ways in which a voice search is different from the text search bar are the query length and the format of the query. Also, creating a marketing persona, collecting data by an AI to help understand your target audience, and build a persona around their wants and needs, analyse data and using it to make machines learn.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that Artificial Intelligence, by its very nature, will become “smarter” the more often it’s used, and ‘smart’ for this competitive world is growing it’s consumers, its Users & their eXperience as a whole.

AI for your own product!

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, and it’s often used to improve and automate software processes. Improve customer experience, since AI can be used to analyze data and deliver a more streamlined experience to your visitors.

There are many ways your target audience finds your page, but organic traffic is commonly derived from search engine results pages (SERPs), the one in 2015, Google introduced a new rich featured snippet to their SERP results: the answer box, contributing AI improving UX in this different aspects.

Analyze your conversations with customers, whether over the phone or via email, AI tools such as Dialpad can analyze your conversations and make suggestions based off their findings.

To Improve UX With AI and Machine Learning

In a sense, AI and UX share the same end goal: both are designed to interpret human behavior and anticipate what someone will do next. Before considering real-life examples of how AI is being used to improve the user experience, here’s the back end!

Natural Language Generation, AI converts the data into a readable form allow the system to interact ideas with perfect accuracy. Using these technologies, computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data.