Artificial Intelligence: How Far It Has Gone

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Now we are more familiar with AI ( Artificial Intelligence) than people before us. Sounds weird? It is. We are becoming so used to with AI that we don’t even need to deal with new people. Everything, everywhere we need to know something we use it. So it is now normal that humans are gossiping and questioning a robot that has huge data and has its own intellectual knowledge to judge. In short, that robot is Artificial Intelligence or AI. Sounds great, right? But this thing is awesome until it is under our control. What if we lost control of it? What will happen if it starts to control itself?

We all know Jarvis. As it is one of the most important parts of Marvel’s Avengers Movies. There we saw how AI can be used and how many things could be done by this. But there we saw the good side of that where it can suggest Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark) many things. What we saw there is they are loyal. They take the command, work on it, and give its own opinion to help the user. Just think in the movie, what can happen if that AI (Jarvis) consisting of every information of earth and can access everything goes in rogue? Then avengers will need to fight against Jarvis instead of Thanos.

A movie scene of Iron Man 2

It was a good side. Now think how worst it can be. There is a lot of movie on that. But I liked the most is The Terminator. I think that is a perfect example of how bad can happen. Though there were good and bad robots in those movies. But I have shown things that can happen with mankind. Another great example is the movie, I, Robot. Powerful things want to dominate over weak. It’s the rules of the world. So it is not surprising if robots try to dominate humans. As we are making them more powerful day by day. And if you look at those movies, we are going in the same way. So there is a great possibility as well as a threat to mankind that we are creating dominators that may have the power to dominate the whole world in the future.

A movie scene of The Terminator

Now let’s see what’s happening in the world. In 2017, Facebook AI Research developed a couple of chatbots to talk with humans and themselves in English. Everything was going perfectly until two AI robots named Alice and Bob started talking with each other with their language. These robots were creating their sinister coded language, along with incomprehensible snippets of intriguing exchanges between the two robots. When researchers realized that they shut down them. They shut it down because they didn’t know what they were talking about. So letting them talk can be improved in something else. There was a possibility.

It wasn’t the first time AI created their language. One of the tools millions of us use on our computers and smartphones is Google Translate. Most of us don’t know that it is powered by a neural network. Again, in 2017, it was revealed that this network uses its own sort of “intermediary” language to translate between a pair of languages. This “interlingua” enables it to operate effectively. But the task of translation and not readable or usable for humans. It can be said that this is another demonstration of the principle behind the Bob and Alice exchanges. But Google was happy with the development. So they let it continue and it’s still happening.

The last December when China started its first cyber court it was based on AI. That time I wrote on it so I’m not discussing that here. You can read that from here:

Science is always dedicated to humans. Sometimes it works against a group of humans but not against mankind. But if we let the robots grow the way they want then there is a big possibility that they will work for them, not for humans. And that can bring the extinction of mankind.