Artificial Intelligence in next 5 years

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Artificial Intelligence in next 5 years

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What is Intelligence, anyway?

Intelligence is simply the ability to learn and solve problems.

Similarly AI is the ability of a machine to imitate intelligent behavior. For deep understanding, we can take an example of Smartphone apps featuring machine learning. These apps include voice search, voice assistants, translation apps, route suggestion. Artificial Intelligence specifically means development of computer systems that enables to imitate human’s intelligence using decision-making, machine learning, deep learning and game changing. These AIs are getting popular and aims for human benefit with happier life. Simple example of AI use in our daily life includes smart replies in G-mail. These replies give users an opportunity to choose simple phrases like ‘let’s do it’, ‘yes sure’ with simple click to give response to email.

We can see Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and is quickly becoming the basic need in our life like electricity or internet. As we can see, machines are taking over the world with its capabilities to do the task more effectively.

We can find the impact of AI in the coming years in the below mentioned ways:

1. Advancement in the world of transportation: Death rate is increasing day-by-day due to car accidents. Companies are overlooking the dangerous situation and are investing more to construct AI to the world of transportation. Huge competition between driving companies is thriving to build autonomous vehicles. Development of self driving car concept is what companies are focusing on to implement for people’s safety in the transportation sector.

2. Voice Assistants: With introduction of Siri, technical assistants have advanced in level of voice assistants with their innovation. Brands like Amazon, Google are competing to increase this trend of voice assistants for market. From healthcare to banking, this trend is advancing in each field. Companies are struggling hard to keep pace with the user’s demand. The number of devices likes Amazon Echo (smart speakers), smart appliances are giving more advantage to virtual assistants in users daily life. Assistants were dependent on wake word like in Amazon Smart speakers Alexa. One needs to use wake word Alexa to smart device command. For example: one have to ask ‘Alexa, what song you can play’ ? And then have to say Alexa repeatedly to order stuff again. Amazon is working hard to make virtual assistants free of wake word.

3. Photoshop solution: Photoshop solution, the trend that can build up a “smart city”. Artificial Intelligence could soon be able to edit photos automatically in future. In not more than 20 milliseconds, pictures could be grasped. This technology could transfigure the photography industry and can consign application like Photoshop to professional tool.

4. Reforming Healthcare: With advances in technology and sensors, conditions are ripe for AI and changing healthcare technology in next 5 years. As the use of AI in healthcare department is gaining grip, the field still needs to develop more and leaders are working for it. Whether it’s IBM’s oncology treat for veterans or Robotic surgeries, Artificial Intelligence is being used to advance in healthcare research to patch large devices for saving time and management. Several Artificial Intelligence related applications include diagnosing symptoms, Google Deep Mind machine, Babylon Health Analysis and for virtual nursing assistant.

5. Reconstructing Finance Sector: Artificial Intelligence is changing our way of interacting with money. AI’s ability to collect and analyze quantitative data makes it necessary in the field of finance. Large amount of financial data could be analyzed for decision-making in stock markets. Artificial Intelligence made the world of banking and finance, more smarter and convenient to invest money. Examples of AI in finance include ZestFinance in Los Angeles, DataRobot in Boston, Underwrite Artificial Intelligence in Boston.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement: Law enforcement have challenges like identification of criminals, defending against false news and tracking money flows. With rapid response needs of Law Enforcement, there’s a huge demand of artificial Intelligence in LE sector so that data can be obtained and analyzed in the real-time. From face recognition to CCTV Cameras, AI is becoming an essential factor in law enforcement as it can enhance efficiency. The main goal of LE lies in pushing down the crime rates for better future. With the help of AI, law authorities can research, survey to identify some of the biggest challenges and opportunities to meet the future demands. Artificial Intelligence can also take a charge about missing children. Authorities are able to identify suspicious online activities directing towards child exploitation. AI can help analyze process the cyber tips more effectively and get them to law enforcement agencies.

As the time passes the need for Artificial Intelligence is also increasing day-by-day. Whether it’s for healthcare purposes, public transport, banking or finance, the demand for Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing.

A captivating question arises about the future of artificial intelligence is that what it will mean for humanity?

We all have heard the saying — “ Intelligence enables control; we can even control tigers by being smarter, so it’s in our hand how we handle the future of artificial intelligence and humanity.”

The main concern for the future aspects is Misaligned Intelligence. Scientists are working on the concept referred as ‘Invert Reinforcement learning’ to make machines learn deeply the human values and behavior. It is said that “The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race” but there will of course still be jobs for humans. Artificial Intelligence only gives everyone an opportunity to improve and maximize their traditional processes for better and developed future. We must focus and understand the fact that Humanity will prevail.