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Artificial Intelligence in healthcare sector

Will The Artificial Intelligence Lead The Healthcare Sector In The Future?

Artificial Intelligence has been used in almost all sectors in the world. It is replacing more and more traditional representatives like work force in a company in most of the cases. Due to improvement in AI technology and implementation, most of the sectors have increased their scale in a huge percentage. The production sector has increased its production scale and speed, transportation has increased their efficiency, likewise, the medical sector or healthcare sector also have increased their capacity with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Today in this article, we will discuss how the involvement of Artificial Intelligence changed the direction of the healthcare sector in the world.

Why The Artificial Intelligence Needed For Healthcare Sector

So much data is collected about patients and diseases in hospitals each and every day. But if scientists or doctors are going to analyze all the data, it is impossible. That much data cannot be processed by humans. Only they can do to check the surface and come to conclusions. But if we can build a model and train to analyze those data, it will be able to analyze tons of data in a minute. The importance of Artificial Intelligence comes in front at this point.

ARDS is the most severe type of disease in respiratory failure. According to reports, 40% of ARDS patients have died worldwide. But we can reduce that percentage if we can implement Artificial Intelligence to analyze past data of ARDS patients, and build a model to predict the disease of patients before he or she shows the symptoms. Or if it can predict and find who is the potential to be high risk at the early stages, that is the importance of AI. That is why Artificial Intelligence is needed for the medical sector.

When implementing Artificial Intelligence in the public health sector, it is more important. In public health sector, data are more collected from society. So, if the data are processed using an AI system, finally it will predict diseases or either pandemic in the early stages and can get early precautions to prevent those. For example, the Netherlands uses an AI system in the public health sector to analyze the data and identify the workflow, inefficiencies, and mistakes to avoid and prevent unnecessary hospitalization. So, they have been succeeded.

On the other hand, Artificial intelligence can be used to keep records, update the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system at the same time automatically. According to a study done in 2016, it was identified that the physicians, 27% of their time in the office day spend with patients in the clinics. And only 49.2% of the time, they use to update Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other paper works. So implementing an AI system will save a lot of time for them and they can spend that time to be with patients.

Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Health Records

How Artificial Intelligence Support Healthcare Sector To Improve

There are two types of Artificial Intelligence used in the healthcare sector. They are

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