Artificial Intelligence Is Here for All Our Good

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Artificial Intelligence Is Here for All Our Good

Artificial Intelligence, AI for short is here for all our good and not a real competitor with human knowledge or jobs. There is the fear out there that we will all lose our jobs as more and more functions and operations are taken over by AI bots. My simple response to this is that if machines are learning to do humans jobs, it is a smart thing for human to start learning to use machines to do better jobs. Fear is not the answer and definitely a bad response.

I was on a call a week ago when the presenter was boasting that an employee was able to beat ML (Machine Learning Algorithm) with his forecasting. It was a muted audience and could not respond. Humans should not rejoice because they can presently do what machines can do far better. The reason human computation is better than ML prediction is because humans have failed to train machines with better algorithms. The moment machines learn from better algorithms they will supersede and overtake humans at the speed of light with razor thin precision.

I will say to the presenter if he/she happens to read this, that learn to use better algorithms to train computers to do better prediction while allowing human to concentrate on explaining what machines have done with human emotions.

AI is here and only going to grow.