Artificial Intelligence is here to make marketing more humanized.

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Artificial Intelligence is here to make marketing more humanized.

A couple of decades back, AI was thought to be something related to Star Trek, fast forward a couple of years, AI was thought to take over the humans, but the reality is a little different today.

‘We live in an age where we need 2 things to survive, ‘Oxygen and Internet’.

Research says that on average a human spends more than 3 hours on their phones. We talk to Siri and Alexa more than our friends and family and ask Google questions more than what we had asked to our teachers in school or college. So what age are we living in?

An age where we want information at the click of a button, or more precisely, answers delivered to us before even we start thinking about the question. This means a lot of work for the brand. The brands have to micro focus and make the engagement more personal every second and keep track of how the user engages, when they engage and how they engage. In digital work, data is key. However, as per research 60%-70% of the data is put to no use. AI and machines are here to make work easy and take away the guesswork of human intervention.

When AI and marketing work together, they start building strategies based on the breadcrumbs that the end consumer willfully leaves behind like which device, how he engaged, comments, time spent etc. Customers are in complete control of their journey, from discovery to consideration to decision making and experience sharing and the engagement needs to be at every step and every level. Connected Consumers expect personalized experiences, real time engagement, utility along with simplicity.Modern Marketing has to be data driven to adapt, react and interpret consumer preference in real time. AI gives the a competitive edge, by interpreting this data, replacing manual guesswork and automated decision making.This makes the marketing team agile, equipping them to take control of the consumer insights and act promptly.

In the new era of AI marketing, machines help make marketing more personal and human making Artificial Intelligence the new face of efficiency, productivity and profitability.