Artificial Intelligence is influencing everyday life

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AI is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. However, we generally categorize AI into 3 areas: narrow, general, and super artificial intelligence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence or Weak AI is already in place across the world and in our daily lives; a system that uses big data and algorithms to beat you at chess, automate processes or even organize your Facebook page. Yes, this system might not be able to pass the Turing test, but our daily lives, financial systems, and even infrastructures are already very dependent on this type of AI.

Smart Homes

Our homes are getting much smarter and you can thank artificial intelligence for that. The thing is, our homes are just going to get smarter. Smart speakers and smart appliances learn our behavior over time with the aim to make our lives a lot more comfortable. There will come a time in the near future, or perhaps it is already here when your home will know you better than yourself.

Transportation and Delivery

This is probably one of the more obvious examples. The rise of the autonomous vehicle can be attributed to, yup, you guessed it, AI. Companies like Tesla have brought the reality of the self-driving vehicle into the forefront of culture. However, the buck does not just stop there. The way you get to work whether it be through bus or train could become completely autonomous. In fact, a lot of companies like GE and Toyota are banking on it.

Video Games

You probably clock in a few hours of gaming every day. Interestingly, AI is not only making games more exciting, but it is also allowing the process of creating games to be much easier and open for creators. Google and Nvidia are working on amazing developer tools solely driven by powerful AI.

Navigation and Travel

So you probably have it drilled in your head at this point that AI infiltrated just about every part of your life. If you think traveling will keep you safe and free from your AI overlords, well you’re wrong. Whether you are using Google or Apple Maps, calling up an Uber for your friends, or booking a flight ticket, AI is right there helping you out all the way.