Artificial intelligence recruited to find clues about COVID-19 – Roll Call

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U.S. health and technology specialists on Monday said they had launched a new collaborative venture to assemble a dataset of tens of thousands of scientific papers and literature on the coronavirus, which would then be analyzed by artificial intelligence programs to find patterns and answer questions raised by the World Health Organization about the pandemic.

The dataset includes 29,000 articles, including 13,000 full-text pieces of medical literature, which will be made available on a special website allowing data scientists and artificial intelligence programmers to propose tools and software code that can unearth insights from the articles, White House officials and experts told reporters in a conference call.

The venture came together after the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a call to tech companies and research groups to figure out how artificial intelligence tools could be used to sift through thousands of research articles being published worldwide on the pandemic, said Lynn Parker, deputy chief technology officer at the White House office.

With data scientists and machine language experts mining the literature compilation known as COVID-19 Open Research Dataset, experts and White House officials expect to get help developing vaccines, forming new guidelines on how long social distancing should be maintained and other insights, Michael Kratsios, the U.S. chief technology officer said.

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