Artificial Intelligence Related Courses

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Artificial Intelligence Related Courses

I noticed a really interesting post on LinkedIn today, a post which introduces a website, a really amazing website. This website contains a list of all artificial intelligence courses, which have been taught in top universities.

I am really into AI and have watched many related courses in Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight and the others. These courses are really great, they cover the programming for implementing the neural networks for example greatly, but they are neglecting the mathematics and other theoretical stuff. Actually they have the right to leave these topics aside. Most of the mathematics behind the AI is difficult, boring and need a lot of time and actually you don’t need to know the mathematics to understand how AI works or how to implement them using Python for example, but if you really want to get into this topics, you need mathematics.

This website introduces the courses about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning and even the basic mathematics like Linear Algebra. All these courses have been taught in top universities around the world and most of them are really new (I didn’t see any course older than 2010). I really have not watched even one of these courses yet, but as all of them have been taught in universities, I think the mathematics and the other theoretical stuff are covered and there is no programming in these courses (At least that is my experience from university).

But what you can find on this website? The website categorizes all the topics like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, etc. In every category, you can find the names of the related courses, the university, where this course has been taught, the link to the webpage of the course (if there is one) and the most important, the link to the YouTube for these courses.

Well, enough talking, let me introduce this amazing website:

I hope, this post helps you. Thanks for reading…