Artificial Intelligence revamping exercise routines in the age of COVID-19 – WTMJ

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Fitness routines have changed a lot during the pandemic. More people are opting to take their workout outside or choosing an indoor setting with minimal people.

Owner of The Exercise Coach in Brookfield Kristine Staral says their business model relies on smart technology that allows individuals to get the optimum workout in the shortest amount of time.

“Our focus is on muscle quality over movement quantity- so it’s a safe, effective, and efficient workout and by that I mean our clients only need to commit to 2- 20 minute workouts a week. We do use smart technology along with certified coaches,” said Staral.

Staral believes workout routines- married with smart technology- are the wave of the future.

“We are definitely keeping up with the trend with today’s smart technology. The equipment itself is built basically using artificial intelligence giving real time feedback that’s unique to each individual.”

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