Artificial Intelligence: Saving Humans from Coronavirus

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Artificial Intelligence: Saving Humans from Coronavirus

Artificial Intelligence

AI is teaching machines to think like the humans based on simulations of how networks of neurons function in the brain. AI has been successfully used in various healthcare applications to combat epidemics, developing new medicines, and early cancer detection.


Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning easily transmitted between animals and people. It is a family of viruses that can attack the human immune system and cause a common cold to develop into an acute respiratory disorder to death.

As of now, there are no treatments for coronaviruses, antibiotics exacerbate its effects, but symptoms can be treated.

Why do you need AI for tracking diseases?

The medical industry has to always be ahead in innovation and research since there is no dearth of new diseases and viruses. Mutating diseases and viruses keep on troubling the health of mankind. Artificial intelligence algorithms help to create new treatments and solutions for preventing deaths and epidemics. AI helps in prognostics and diagnostics.

How does AI track and curtail Coronavirus?

There are several ways in which AI helps to track the deadly disease.

AI News Bots to Predict Geographic Spread

Artificial intelligence bots on websites and the internet can analyze news reports and the media and trending videos. With detailed analysis on the same, they can much more accurately predict if the virus could spread in the nearby area by when and how. This can help warn various cities before an outbreak.

AI tracks phishing

Google search engines and Facebook AI teams are working on safeguarding users from misinformation, fake news, phishing and conspiracy of spreading false news.

AI Forecasting

Real-time maps and forecasting algorithms can be used to predict and track the coronavirus.

AI Operated Drones

AI drones can be used to supply all medical kits and food to camps and medical areas where the outbreak has occurred. Drones can also be used to take images and videos of affected people and areas to warn other areas.

AI Scanning Machines

AI can support radiologists in the field of medical imaging to diagnose a wide range of conditions and diseases. An AI-powered diagnosis machine can help diagnose the virus faster than the normal CT and scanning machines. Good quality Medical imaging data would help diagnose the patient with Coronavirus faster and prevent contamination.

AI Drug sampling

AI can help in identifying drug samples and save a lot of time to create new drugs for the virus.AI can help get a faster cure for Coronavirus by helping in getting an effective mix of biomarkers after establishing differentiation. It will help identify the top companion diagnostic opportunity to fight the virus.AI can help develop antibodies and quick vaccines for the Covid-19 virus.

AI Recovery Analysis

In countries like China where the outbreak started AI is also being used to predict the recovery of the economy after the crisis.AI can be used to read articles and news and extract associations.

AI in hospitals

AI robotics in hospitals can be used to deliver medicines and food to patients without human intervention. They can also clean the hospital premises to prevent infection.

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