Artificial Intelligence : THE FUTURE

Original article was published by Mayank Joshi on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Artificial Intelligence : THE FUTURE

What do you think Is this the truth. Is this the level which we are at when we talk about Artificial Intelligence? Mate, If you think so then you are highly mistaken.

Today we know, AI is in more places than ever before. The machine learning professor Andrew Ng says that “Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity.” This is a pretty unafraid claim, but lots of governments are taking it earnestly and planning to grow education, research, and development in AI. China’s AI plan exclusively calls for over 100 billion U.S. dollars in funding over the next 10 years. Secondly, AI is awesome. It can help make our lives easier and sort of gives us superpowers. Who knows what we can discharge with the help of machine learning and AI? And thirdly, AI doesn’t action that well yet.

I still can’t ask my phone or any “smart” device to do much, and we’re far away from personal robot butlers.

So what’s next? What’s the future of AI?

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Artificial Intelligence : THE FUTURE

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