Artificial Intelligence to take down Glaucoma.

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Artificial Intelligence to take down Glaucoma.

2020 is here. Many of the past predictions have become true and most of it still in papers. Our eyes are precious gifts. January is Glaucoma awareness month. Glaucoma is the major cause of permanent vision loss and expected to grow 58 percent in 2030, will reach 4.2 million. Cellphone and Laptops are multiplied every nooks and corner of the earth. According to a Japanese study heavy use of mobile phone and Computers are linked to Glaucoma.

Screens will not go away soon. With this precondition, Can protect us from Glaucoma?. Let us look back and learn from history.

Deadly diseases

In the past, our parents and grandparents have seen many deadly diseases like Measles, Tuberculosis, HIB, Smallpox, and Rabies. Millions of people died.

In 1900, 194 of every 100,000 U.S. residents died from TB — the second leading cause of death. In 1921, Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine (TB vaccine) was introduced in France. Later India and Pakistan introduced BCG mass immunization in 1948, the first countries outside Europe to do so. The death rates were started declining.

Most people believed the vaccination was the key reason to slow down TB death, but the CDC report showed that access to clean water and sanitization equally contributed to cut down the TB cases well before the vaccination introduced.

So the primary reason why TB is under control today is due to Prevention. History as shown us prevention is the key.

Can we prevent Glaucoma?

The simple answer (as of 2020) is NO!. However, if we ask the question in detail like “ Can we prevent the vision loss if the Glaucoma diagnosed early?”. It means the patient has identified with early symptoms. The answer will be definitely Yes !.

Regular exercise, less screen time and routine eye checkups will help prevent the vision loss from Glaucoma. Some of us may be screaming if we are advised to cut down the screen time, due to the nature of work and online social gatherings. We could safely narrow down to two options.

1. Regular Exercise & Diet.

2. Routine Health checkup.

Health Checkup & Glaucoma

Yearly Master health checkup is one emerging medical trend in India almost every corporate, insurance company encourages to do it for free. Nearly millions of people go for the General annual health checkup every day. Does it effectively catching the Glaucoma cases early?. No!.

There are a few reasons for it.

1.Glaucoma is not a life-threatening disease so the General master health checkup mostly ignores the detailed eye exam.

2.Eye hospitals (in India) operates as a specialty hospital, while most multi-specialty hospitals do not have expert ophthalmologists.

3.Glaucoma is not that well known, unlike Cataract. Not many believe there exists a disease that steals the vision permanently.

So there you go, The surprising Santa, knocking every door. Glaucoma.

Where are the Gaps?

Lack of experts. If we all gather in a room and admitted the skill gap, where do we find the experts?. Nowhere.

OK. What will be the solution?. AI.

The end to end patient – service sequence takes about ~60 mins multiplied by waiting crowd divided by the available medical professionals.

Normal Procedure

Aidio AI can help to speed up the process and direct to respective tests, just before the Final exam. This AI in the middle process helped to save a tremendous amount of time for both patients and doctors.

AI-Enabled procedures

Eye hospitals can operate in three modes.

Medical professionals choose the mode depending on various parameters including the patient’s expectation.

AI can work in all modes to help the doctor. Moreover, AI can bring the potential patients to the nearest Hospital.

Alright, can I buy AI?

Yes of course. Aidio for Glaucoma. Aidio is an Eye AI software. Currently in medical trials with two South Indian hospitals. Predicts the Glaucoma and related conditions with 96% accuracy. Aidio AI is auto learning from the incremental feedback given by medical experts. The following images are a sample of Glaucoma and related predictions.

Dot blot hemorrhages

Glaucoma Cupping, Peripapillary Atrophy and RNFL

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Points to remember, Prevention is the key do eliminate Glaucoma from mother earth. Aidio AI is the future of Eye of the exam and its benefit are.

Speed and accuracy. AI is fast enough to predict known conditions.

Scalability. AI can be scaled up to every home / hand in India.

AI will sit with the medical professionals and fill the skill gap tirelessly.

Happy Glaucoma Month! Check your eyes today.

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