Artificial Intelligence vs Traditional OCR; How Staple rides the wave of emerging technologies

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Next generation OCR powered by machine learning searches and scans documents instantly, delivering extremely fast results where it would take a normal human an inefficient amount of time to do. Beyond searching and scanning in a matter of seconds, AI and machine learning delivers its defining proposition as it makes sense of the data, distils, sorts and arranges the data automatically for the user.

What defines the work we do at Staple is the ability for our software to distill data without the need for set rules; Powerful AI embedded within our solutions adapts and learns over time, constantly developing a real understanding of semantics and language that can understand varying languages, formats and layouts. By replicating an intuitive ‘human’ approach in scanning data, key insights can be derived with high accuracy and speed.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform our world. Innovation in data capture and processing lies at the very heart of what we do, as we empower organizations to change the nature of restrictive work, leave automation to do what it does best and free employees to do more productive and creative tasks.

We don’t replace workers; rather, we enhance the quality of their work and help companies work smart. By continually innovating our software beyond our peers, we democratize the use of technology by having technology recognizing not just English and Latin characters but also Asian languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and Thai.

Join us in this pursuit of excellence and find out how we can help you empower your organization.