Artificial Intelligence: Week #31 | 2020

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Artificial Intelligence: Week #31 | 2020

Interesting AI news, tools, podcasts, and research recap for this week. Please share interesting things you find with me on twitter or linkedin or slack.

Artificial Intelligence News:

Google releases ScaNN (Scalable Nearest Neighbors)

Google just released a new open source library called ScaNN (Scalable Nearest Neighbors) to help with vector similarity search at scale. find it on github here and read more from the official Google AI blog below:

From ScaNN github showing the accuracy

Kaggle releases COVID-19 Bcell epitope dataset

Bcell epitope prediction is one of the key research topics in vaccine development. You can Read the paper here. They believe the dataset and code could be widely useful not only for COVID-19 but other medical data analysis.

Checkout the dataset on Kaggle here.

Developer Tools:

Pytorch 1.6 released:

Check out the latest features in Pytorch 1.6.

As a side note Google Colab already has Pytorch 1.6 installed so if previous notebooks are breaking from a pytorch dependency this is probably why. You can pip install the expected 1.5 versions.

Easier Machine Learning with PyCaret 2.0

PyCaret is an open source Python library for machine learning that promises to help automate the ML workflow with less code.

Vision Framework in iOS 14

the vision framework for iOS 14 has some cool features. I may have to find get something with iOS14 just to run some experiments.

Interesting Podcast(s):

I didn’t have much time this week to listen to podcasts, but I always seem to find time at least one episode of the Artificial intelligence podcast with Lex Fridman. If you have any other podcast recommendations around around AI or ML please let me know!

Notable Research Papers:

Upcoming Online AI & Data Events:

Aug 3 | Workshop: Real World Reinforcement Learning by Microsoft

Aug 5 | AI in Practice — Modern Code Analysis