Artificial Intelligence: Week #39 | 2020

Original article was published by Sage Elliott on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Artificial Intelligence: Week #39 | 2020

This week in AI & Machine Learning: Drones for home security, Microsoft & GPT-3, Pytorch hooks, GANs for good, emotional intelligence, and more.

Image from Dose on unsplash

Artificial Intelligence News:

You probably have heard a lot about OpenAI’s GTP-3 natural language processing model recently with it making many headlines such as, “too dangerous to release” and “GTP-3 will replace programmers”. The most recent news surrounding the model is Microsoft’s exclusive commercial license to use the API. I’ll be interested to see what Microsoft uses the model for and how they could potentially bake features into products and services.

Amazon is arguably one of the biggest players when it comes to bringing AI directly into homes. At its fall event the company announced several new hardware devices and upgrades. The most interesting announcement in my opinion was the personal home security drone by Ring. You can watch a pretty campy but fun demo of it scaring off a burglar here.

How do you feel about giving a drone with a camera access to your home?