Artificial Neural Networks explained to 5-year old.

I am an AI Enthusiast and I have been working in this field quite some time, and I often need to explain to people about what I do and how I do it, which is quite straightforward to explain to a nerd and my life is all about the following

import tensorflow as tf
import sklearn

But where it gets tricky is when my younger cousins and family members start questioning me about what I do. However, my life’s complication is well illustrated in the meme below.

Apart from the fun part, the question started to intrigue me, I wanted to be able to explain to them in very simple terms as to what it is an Artificial Neural Network, beyond the statement.

Neural Networks makes everything cool!

So, recently I came across a brief writing by some genius, who explains the concept of Neural networks as if to a 5-year-old, which made sense to me and gave me an answer to my Job Description. So it goes likes this:

Say your family goes out for a dinner, which serves some really good Soup, your family tastes it and loves it. On coming back home they tell you about the soup and on hearing this Gordon Ramsay in you wakes up and you want to replicate the soup at your home. Now you start and you have 10 chances to come up with that soup, and you start preparing and every time you try the combination of recipe, you give it to your parents the taste it and start taking their feedback and make changes each time, and finally you come with that perfect Soup that you wanted to make, that’s it your neural network is made. The ingredients that you used are the input to your neural networks, the weights of the neural network are analogous to right quantity of salt, spice, temperature, duration etc. And the feedback that your parents(poor guys who had to taste your soup all throughout) give are the losses and if you are any good you would see that their feedback improves over time, if not buddy you got to stop and try something else.

I hope the story gives you some ideas as to what Neural Networks or in general what Machine Learning/Deep Learning does, its all about understanding complex stuff from what your feedback and what you expect a result. And isn’t it awesome that your computer does that for you, based on what you want to get, without being explicitly told about How to do it

Wouldn’t it be awesome to sip an awesome cup of soup, made by your computer on a cold winter evening, without you even knowing how to make that perfect combination that ignites your taste buds? Come join the AI revolution.

Artificial Intelligence makes everything cool!

By the way sorry to anyone who expected some mathematics, don’t even expect me to explain calculus to 5-year-old, I would rather install Caffe/Caffe2 on my machine.

An Obligatory request, If you are happy with what you know, Clap your hands.!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium